RECRUITING: Lex. Cath product down to UT and UM?

Brandon Logan drove down to Knoxville for an official visit this weekend. It was not his first time to Knoxville, and it may not be his last.

"Me and my parents went down on Friday and we got to the football complex. When we got there, Coach Fulmer and Coach Chavis met us. My player host took me and my parents to the hotel. We went to dinner that night and coach Troop ate dinner with us and a bunch of other recruits. Coach Troop (Trooper Taylor) talked a lot with my parents. They had a lot of questions for him."

"After dinner my parents went back to the hotel, and I went with the players to their dorm, and we hung out with some of the underclassmen on the football team."

Saturday morning, we went back to the football conference and checked in. After that, we went to the Vol Walk. That was awesome. I really enjoyed it. We went from there to breakfast. After we ate breakfast, they escorted us to Neyland Stadium. I got to stand on the sidelines during pre-game warmups. Coach Chavis came back over and talked with us. Coach Troop came and talked to us too. The team went to the locker room, and we went to our seats."

"I've been there when they played Alabama. It was more of an electric atmosphere for that game, but it was still loud. They love their football there."

"After the game, we went back to the hotel and rested a little bit. We went to Coach Fulmer's house and ate dinner. I got to talk with the other recruits that were there. Omar Gaither and Jason Allen came and got us from there, and we went back over to Jason's house and hung out."

"On Sunday we got up and ate breakfast at the hotel. We took the academic tour and ate lunch. After that we got chance to talk with Coach Fulmer one on one. We talked about where I would fit in and what they're looking for in a student athlete. We talked about the academics and life on campus."

"I had a great time. I loved it. That's the third time I've been there."

Does this put the Vols out in front?

"Tennessee and Michigan are still my favorites."

Michigan gets its chance to host Logan next weekend. Logan may take an official visit to Kentucky, otherwise it looks like a Vol/Wolverine battle.

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