RECRUITING: Echefu Looking For Total Package

Stu Vetter is one of the most respected high school basketball coaches in the country. He has churned out his fair share of top rated players and top rated teams (Montrose Christian is currently the #9 team in the country). The veteran coach took the time to discuss the current star in his program, Uche Echefu, whom is the Wildcats number one target for 2005.

Can you talk about some of the improvements that Uche has made over the summer?

"Uche has made continuous improvements over the past three years. He has only been playing basketball for three years. He was a soccer player when he was in Nigeria. He simply just works at his game, and he has a much better outside game than he had three years ago. His versatility is what makes him so hard to guard because he can play inside and outside, and ultimately, that is what is going to make him a great player."

Tell us about Uche as a young man.

"He's a delightful young man. He works very hard academically and he's a good student. He's developed into a good leader for us. And again, he is delighted that he has been able to come to this country and play basketball…and ultimately use basketball to get a good education and play beyond that hopefully."

Can you tell me what he is looking for overall in an institution?

"Uche is a unique individual in that he is going to look for the best education as well as basketball. What he thinks he can get educationally is very important to him. He looks at graduation rates at colleges, and like others, he looks at who is coaching the teams. That will play a part in the decision. He likes all of the coaches that he has dealt with so far.quot;

What are the other schools you know him to be considering?

"Well, I will say that schools include, Michigan, Kentucky, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Duke."

Did Uche talk to you at all about how his visit to Michigan went?

"A little bit, but he doesn't talk a whole lot, he keeps things to himself, but he certainly enjoyed the visit as he has all of his visits, but there is certainly not a front runner at this time."

Knowing him as you do, can you talk about what might be the most significant factors in his decision? You talked about academics a little bit, what are some of the others?

"Well obviously he is going to look at his opportunity to play, and where he would fit into the program. He is the type of player that wants to be in a program that runs up and down the floor and presses. He understands the power of an inside game as well as an outside game and that is what he brings to the table. So I think he will look not only the school and the coach, but also the type of kids they have in the program. He is used to being around good people. Here we have good guys, and good students, and they work very hard. He likes being around good people, and that is going to play a big factor in it too. He wants to be around kids like him that have goals for themselves that want to be good players as well, and good people off of the court."

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