RECRUITING: Brandan Wright Update

Amidst recent rumors that Brandan Wright has a leader in Kentucky, many people are wearing out their refresh buttons trying to get the latest scoop. While those rumors still may be true, Brandan will not publicly acknowledge that he has a leader for his services.

"No, not really. There's really no leader. I don't really have any immediate timeframe, either; but, I would like to make a decision before my basketball season next year because I don't want it to be a distraction to my team."

As for Brandan's immediate plans.

"I leave on Friday morning to head up to Kentucky and play in a shootout up there. I think I play Friday night, and then I'll play on Saturday."

Inside Kentucky will be watching Brandan this weekend at the Bolus Blue Chip Shootout at Bellarmine College in Louisville. In addition to that, IK will also be in attendance on January 7 in Brentwood to watch Brandan's Eagles play BGA at home. Stay tuned over the next month for further updates from Brandan Wright

Brandan will be back under Coach George Pitts' wing this winter at Brentwood, where he will mainly play the center position despite his projected "next level" position at the power forward slot.

"Brandan is going to play the 5 because of his size," Pitts said. "You look across this team, and hardly anyone else is over 6'4," so that's where we can obviously best use his skills; however, there are many times he might bring the ball down the floor or step out on the perimeter. That will depend on what kind of defense we face. We spend much of our time on defense pressing, and I like to have Brandan under the basket in that scenario because of his shot blocking ability."

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