Q&A: E-Town's Brandon Deaderick

Brandon Deaderick is by far one of the top five most talented prospects in the state of Kentucky this season. The Elizabethtown native talks recruiting in his latest update including the latest on his visit to Kentucky.

RG: So how did your visit go this past weekend?
"The visit went well - went really well," Brandon Deaderick told Inside Kentucky late Sunday night. "I feel a lot better about Kentucky now. Prior to the visit I saw (going to Kentucky) as a risk. I don't necessarily feel that way now.

RG: Did it change anything as far as your recruitment?
"The only thing about Kentucky from the start has been their losing. I told Joker before the season that if they could win 5 or 6 games and get to a bowl game, I would go to Kentucky."

Deaderick, at 6-foot-4, has been one of the most heavily recruited athletes in the state of Kentucky this season. He said that on his visit to Kentucky, the Wildcat coaching staff was trying to sell him on the new defensive schemes that could really benefit his skills.

RG: So what did you think about what the coaches were telling you?
"I like the new defense (at Kentucky) a lot," Deaderick explained. "It's more of a 4-4, 3-4 combination with lots of dime packages. You can roam or you can be on the line. I really like the flexibility and Coach Archer says I can be a Joey Porter or Guilden type player at Kentucky.

"The thing going against Kentucky is that it's still a risk. I think it's more or less a mental thing. We had that here on our high school team, just guys not believing they could win. I've been somewhat of a fan of UK in the past - it seems with Kentucky, they always play a really good game against good teams, but just can't come through. They'll be winning all game and then something happens and they lose. Once we got over that, things turned around for us. That's what Kentucky needs."

The Elizabethtown (KY) native has offers from the likes of Louisville, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan State, Cincinnati, North Carolina and others.

RG: Shifting gears, are you gonna take anymore visits?
"I'm still gonna take all my visits," Deaderick stated. "Alabama, Louisville, Auburn, and Michigan State."

RG: What is your list of Top 5 finalists for your services?
"I narrowed the list of schools that are hot on me that have a stronger rotation and have a need for a player like me. That way I can find a place where I can play. Although I like that Kentucky has a chance for early playing time, I can get that at any of the five schools on my list."

"My top five is all the ones that I set up official visits too. There have been a lot of schools that have been trying to get the foot in, but it's too late. They should have been on board earlier."

RG: Brandon, Can you comment on Louisville
"They want me to take Marcus Jones' spot next year and with them going to the Big East next year, that gives them a chance to play for a championship and go to a BCS bowl. That's a big deal and puts them into the picture moreso then in the past."

RG: What have you been told as far as the coaching staff's future?
"I talk to the coaching staff a lot. Coach Petrino and Coach Cassidy have both said that they are gonna be here for the long haul. I truly believe they will. When Coach Petrino released that statement, he called me almost exactly after he said it and made sure that I had seen the news. "

RG: Brandon, Can you comment on Alabama?
"I like them a lot. They've been making the strongest push for me. They have a great tradition, a young team and they are gonna be good - real good real soon. I love the coaching staff also."

RG: Brandon, Can you comment on Auburn?
"They've been recruiting me from the very beginning. I mean - the very beginning. They've been writing me letters almost every day and calling my coach every chance they get. They have a senior that plays end and so there is a spot for me.

"With the season they are having now, they are telling me that they are having to turn away kids because everyone wants to go to Auburn and that I need to go ahead and jump on board. They say that this is just the beginning for Auburn, and the program is on its way up."

RG: Would you prefer to stay in a particular area?
"Man, I've always wanted to play in the SEC. It's where the best players play and I would love to have a chance to play against the best."

Talk about the recruiting process. Are you looking forward to its end?
"I've really enjoyed the process, I would really like to know where I'm going at times and that makes it rough. Some things like going to Alabama or Auburn - I mean, that's a long way away from home."

RG: Has any of your teammates been talking to you at all - whispering in your ear?
(chuckles) Yeah, I hear it every morning from Zipp (Duncan). He wants me to go to Kentucky with him. Chris (Todd), when we were both talking to NC State, was trying to get me to go to State with him.

RG: What have been doing since your season has ended?
"I've been trying to work out, but it's been hard with all these visits and coaches coming in to school. It's been hard to find time."

RG: Who's your leader?
"They're all even right now. I am just waiting to take these visits and then I'll decide."

RG: When do you expect to have them all done?
"January 22nd"

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