Scouting Report: Thaddeus Young

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on Kentucky's hoops recruiting targets. In this edition -- 2006 forward Thaddeus Young, who has an offer on the way from the Wildcats.

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Thaddeus Young
6-8, 205
Memphis (Tenn.) Mitchell Road

He's a really good athlete and has tremendous wing size, and he's one of those athletes that have a little bit of explosion to him. He's left-handed and is consistent in attacking the basket and finishing – he's a really strong, athletic finisher. For him it's a combination of size, athletic ability, being a natural scorer and his potential. You look at him and just know he's scratching he surface. I think what's going to happen to Thaddeus Young during this season is he's going to grow up right in front of our eyes. He has all kinds of potential that hasn't been realized yet. He's got gifts. He's got big time gifts, and a lot of it is his size. He's a 6-8 kid playing on the perimeter. And he's got the pedigree, as his dad played professionally with the Clippers.

I think he's still working on making sure his perimeter shot is more reliable. That's going to be an area that he'll need to become consistent.

Signature Performance:
Still waiting on a signature performance – his signatures performances have all come on the high school level. He just puts up numbers. The other day, to start the season, he scored 31 points in an 88-86 over Ridgeway and Pierre Niles (2006 PF, No. 33 by in overtime. He has built his rep on the high school level and more power to him.

College Projection:
A guy with his size you kind of look at him and assume he'll be a power forward, but Thaddeus is definitely a perimeter player. There's no question he's a perimeter guy who will play the three in college. He belongs on the perimeter. Some players, such as UNC freshman Marvin Williams, have this knack for being what I refer to as "experienced scorers" – they just seem to always know where to be and what to do to get points in any which way. Eventually Thaddeus will put the package together and that will end up being his strength, a la Marvin Williams.

No. 8 -- He has the kind of ability to break into the Top 5. Every time you go to the paper he's getting it done. He puts up great numbers in high school and he continues to steady his outside game – he's a big time threat. He's one of those guys we know a little less about because of his summer last year. He elected to take some summer classes that took him off the summer circuit. He did it not because he was in trouble academically, but rather because that's the type of student he is and it speaks to his character. So his exposure was more limited than the other top kids in 2006 and from everybody's perspective, he's still a guy we're trying to learn a lot about.

Final Thoughts:
When you paint the big picture of this kid, it breaks down pretty simply. Thaddeus Young is one of the best wing players in the class, maybe the best student athlete of the bunch and could wind up being one who has a decision to make (college vs. pro), but a guy like him naturally leans toward the college experience.

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