TN QB Waiting on Stull

In part one of our Bill Stull sweepstakes watch, we examined the Cats prospects of offering talented QB Lee Sweeney. In part two, we take a look at a possible January enrollee in Levi Brown, a Tennessee gunslinger from Mount Juliet (TN) whom recently got back from his South Carolina visit.

"The visit went very well," Levi Brown said of his South Carolina visit. "I liked the campus a lot, the players were really cool - just everything about it.

"I also got a chance to talk with Steve Spurrier, which was a plus. He said he really liked me and how I played and everything. Said he liked the fact I could enroll in January and right now, was going to check on getting me an academic scholarship, because I've got a 4.0 (GPA) and a 27 ACT score. Basically, I would get everything that the othey players get. Full ride and everything, and (SC) can use the scholarship on someone else."

Brown had recently made plans for an official visit to Kentucky next weekend, but said he will instead take a look at Richmond for his second official visit.

"When I got back from South Carolina," the Mount Juliet (TN) native said, "I got a call from the University of Richmond. They offered me a full scholarship. It's a really good school and has really good academics. They are the equivalent of a Stanford or Duke. The school costs about $42,000, so I'm going to go take a look at it this weekend."

Although without a coach, Ole Miss has continued contacting Brown throughout the period and will make an in-home visit with him next week.

"A grad assistant has been calling me a lot and one of the top assistants to the Athletic Director is coming in for an in-home visit."

As for Kentucky, Brown states the Cats remain interested in the talented gunslinger, but have not offered a scholarship and have remained in a holding pattern for his services.

"They're looking at that Stull kid and waiting on him. They think he's gonna commit or feel confident that he will soon, so unless something happens I don't know about visiting them."

"Today was the last day of school," Brown said. "If something comes up and I like the school, I might commit and enroll in January, but I can wait till the fall if I have too."

Brown lists Ole Miss, Richmond, South Carolina and Kentucky as his top four choices.

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