Logan to UM: Say it Aint So!

In an earlier column that was posted not even a month ago, <i>Inside Kentucky</i> evaluated whether or not, the Kentucky Wildcats recruiting efforts warranted ownership of the Bluegrass state. Today, we examine it even further with the commitment of Brandon Logan to Michigan.

No matter how you shake it, losing Brandon Logan to Michigan, Tuesday, would be a huge disappointment to Wildcat fans and the UK coaching staff. It's one thing to lose an in-state kid to another program, it's another losing someone inside the city you call home and one in which, has a family rich in Kentucky football tradition that extends even further then current wide receiver John Logan.

Although I've been accused in recent weeks to be a "negativist," (by a former colleague of all things) towards the Cats in-state recruiting efforts, the facts are the facts: Kentucky's only chance at pulling a Top 5 prospect from the state reportedly will leave town with the linebacker's announcement to Michigan.

James McKinney, the number one ranked player in the state, will not even answer calls from Kentucky and Earl Heyman and Brandon Deaderick have been leaning elsewhere for months. Cory Zirbel, whom will visit UK officially, has already committed to Michigan and now Logan, brother of Wildcat wide receiver John Logan, has un-officially pulled the trigger to Michigan from what we've heard, as well.

If the Wolverines can land McKinney, it would be safe to say Michigan officially stole the state this year - getting 3 of a unanimous top 4 players in Kentucky - an amazing feat for even the traditional powerhouse because of the arrival of Louisville into the nation's elite pool.

One player NOT considering the Blue and Gold, is perhaps the most "undecided" player on the In-state board, in Elizabethtown's Brandon Deaderick. Deaderick has only recently allowed Kentucky to get back into the race, after eliminating them earlier this season. Problem is, the Cats will have to tread water until after he takes all of his visits to other schools. That's a difficult task for any school to have to overcome, the fact that Deaderick has openly expressed his disappointment in the Wildcats season, makes it hard to see Brandon choosing UK.

Who's left for Kentucky to take in-state? Well, there is Earl Heyman, whom is a UofL lean despite rumors to the contrary, and Nevels, a huge UK lean from the start whom has all but committed to UK. After that? Deaderick.

My prediction: Nevels will be the last in-state player to choose Kentucky with the five elite prospects in Heyman, McKinney, Zirbel, Logan and Deaderick all choosing to plant their seeds elsewhere.

Although losing Logan may not be as big of a deal on paper, and probably wouldn't have taken UK's defense to the top of the league, it does say something about the perceptions of recruits right now. Like it or not, the wins and loss column has created a tidal wave that could have been calmed by Logan's arrival.

That calm and the momentum that would have been generated by his commitment is now a mute point. Kentucky needs to finish what it started in Georgia and continue on without him. Still the question will remain for Kentucky fans in the years to come: What might have been?

In a rare year of elite prospects in the state, Kentucky could have really made a quick dent if it could have pulled in at least 2 of the top 5 prospects.

It's not over - but right now - that seems very far-fetched.

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