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Posted by: KentuckyFan24

Rob, JUCO signing period is Dec 15, any new names pop up, and how many JUCO's do you think we'll sign.

RG: Thanks for supporting the site and becoming a premium member! Only one junior college early signing, although the delay in the official announcement of Fatu's letter of intent has me think two things: 1) Is something wrong? 2) Are they waiting on someone else?

Also, with the commitment of Tim Masthey are we still in contact with Anthony Piccirilli?

RG: Somewhat. Last time I talked with Anthony, he said he was pondering calling UK and seeing if a greyshirt opportunity might be a possibility for him. He's got a nice offer from Pittsburgh though that might turn his head away from UK.

Who else do you think will fill up this years signing class?

RG: Ahhh. The never-ending quest to get me to answer this question. I think UK's got a solid lock on some studs that I've been hush-hush about. I see them bring in at least 32 kids counting greyshirts and I think the last ten schollies will all go to out-of-staters (save Jordan Nevels).

Posted by: 1stKatMan

Where will Brandon Logan cmmit tomorrow?

RG: Thanks for supporting the site and becoming a premium member! On to your question, I found it weird that Brandon told me first before he publically came out with anything to anybody else, that he was leaning to Michigan. Days later he would verbal through his coach. Only in last night's update did he officially come out and state it himelf, however, if I'm not mistaken. Regardless, he's a Wolverine.

Posted by: 1stKatMan

Maurice Grinter, did he visit this weekend?

RG: Thanks for supporting the site and becoming a premium member! No, Maurice did not make his visit this past weekend. He's re-scheduling for January.

Posted by: TopCat4Now

Thanks WCM, I was curious about Eric Allen's status with the B-ball team. When I got my media guide he was listed as a team manager.

RG: Thanks for supporting the site and becoming a premium member! Eric Allen is currently waiting in the wings for his opportunity. He'll be a team manager this year and practice with the team and have the opportunity to walk-on next year. This was Tubby's late minute strategy, deeming it a wasted year for him to play this next year.

Posted by: Rabidcat

Whats the story regarding JUCOs? As I understand it, Dec 15 was the day for JUCOs to sign the LOI. Turituri seems to be our only JUCO signee. What was with all the rumors of 5 or more JUCOs; did Hudson leaving affect that or was it just unfounded rumors to begin with? There surely can't be any reason for secrecy since the deadline has passed.

RG: Thanks for supporting the site and being a premium member! Also, thanks for your question!

UK could still sign 5 JUCO's and I forsee them getting close to that. The difference is, these junior college kids we are pursuing are not early signings. Junior College kids who cannot enroll in January, have to sign in February with the rest of the fall enrollees. Right now, it does look like the Cats will have at least 2 kids that go that route (if signing day was today). The Cats have a long way to go with two months of fighting left, but the fact these kids are not early enrollees will turn other schools off.

Posted by: Realquiet

We do we stand with the different coaching searches: 1.Replacement for McBride and who do we hire to replace Hudson? I know we have Joker,as OC.
2.Will there be a new strength and conditioning coach?

RG: We are currently interviewing four candidates for the linebackers job. At least three are at the high school level right now. The other is at a lower tier school. In replacing Hudson, UK needs a quarterbacks coach, so they are going to be very hard to find right now. Ed Zaunbrecher's name comes up and from all indications Fedora's has as well, but I'd be surprised if they went that way. Oddly enough I've heard nothing about that position. I'll dig for you.

2. From what I have heard - that is most likely.

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