Stull: A Prized Possession

It's unexplainable at times and often downright mysterious. <br><br> It could be a relative, a girlfriend or a former hero. It may come in different shapes and sizes, but too many recruiting enthusiasts would attest - it happens to each school at least once every five years.

The stars align.

Thus could be considered the case, yesterday, as the University of Kentucky coaching staff accepted the commitment from the staff's number one prospect for 2005 class, pulling in an unlikely candidate from Pennsylvania.

The question shouldn't be, why Bill Stull chose the University of Kentucky; the question should be which reason?

The Wildcats were not only his first football recruiting letter, but his first scholarship offer. His favorite player? Ex-Wildcat star and school record breaker, Tim Couch. His favorite team? Couch's old squad - the Cleveland Browns. His father's best friend currently resides in Lexington, and offensive line coach Paul Dunn was roommates with Dan Marino, a quarterback whom Stull has openly advocated as someone whom he models his game after.

The final straw in the link to the Wildcats? Kurt Roper. The one and only monster hill in front of Kentucky since this summer, the former Ole Miss quarterbacks coach had developed a strong link to the Seton Lasalle gunslinger. When he officially took the job to coach where else but Kentucky to coach of all things - quarterback, the signs became too much of a formality.

And they all pointed to Lexington.

In retrospect, the Stull and UK relationship was almost as heavenly of a match as Peanut Butter and Jelly and it looks to be only the beginning for Wildcat fans, whom patiently awaited his arrival.

"His touch is superior to most high school QB's,"'s Bob Lichtenfels said. "He knows when to take something off the ball and he can thread the needle when he needs to.

"Mobility is a plus for Stull as well," Lichtenfels, whom has watched Billy many times being from the Pittsburgh area, said. "He is a legit mid 4.6 to low 4.7 type of kid. He is a leader, which can override a lot of flaws in any QB. Most importantly, he makes those around him better."

Lichtenfels believes that the future holds special things for Kentucky and their future gunslinger.

"I think the skies the limit for Stull," Lichtenfels continued. "I would hope he redshirts and gets that year of learning under his belt. He needs to add 15 pounds onto his frame, and work on his progression reads and I truly believe he'll be a big time college QB."

And so does a lot of other recruiting analysts across the country.

"Billy has the ability to make all the throws, and his accuracy is tremendous,"'s Miller Safrit added. "His arm strength has some work to do, but most high schoolers do, too. He'll need to make the transition to the new offense and speed of the game."

"Bill was a four star player for a long time, and recently dropped and I'm not sure why," Safrit added. "The potential is there with Bill; he is a stickler to mechanics, drops the ball in properly and give receivers room to make plays."

Four stars or three, it really doesn't matter to Kentucky fans as they can finally rejoice in landing their top notch quarterback prospect they've so desired to compete with Andre Woodson.

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