Schwindel: The Key Q's Answered

Will Michael Schwindel grayshirt? What position will the Hancock County two-sport star play? Is he still committed despite attention from basketball mid-majors? Find out the key questions in this special Q&A ...

"Yeah Mike is still a very hard commit to UK," a family member whom wished to be unnamed told Inside Kentucky, late Tuesday. "Although he has never said that he was not going to play basketball - if he got the right offer. After all, basketball has always been number one with (Schwindel), but he realizes that he can play more big time in football."

A recent dominating performance has raised some eyebrows about the talented Hancock County two-sport star.

"He is having a very good year in basketball and getting a lot of interest from some mid major D-1 schools," the family member exclaimed. "He just dropped 32 points and had an awesome game at beating Gallatin County tonight in the Gallatin County Christmas Tournament. In pool play Hancock is 2 wins 0 losses."

For the season, Schwindel is averaging over 22 points and 12 rebounds per contest.

With the recent news of grayshirts surrounding the class of 2005, will Schwindel be open to a January enrollment if asked? "UK first said that they may grayshirt or redshirt Mike, but after seeing some of Mike's play-off tapes on his coverage and smashing hits they seem to be thinking that they may need him as a back-up."

"Coach Brooks and staff came to Hancock County three weeks ago and they were talking more like 'hey be ready' (to Schwindel). We will not know for sure where we stand until after the recruiting and signing period is over. But they are talking about bringing Mike up early this summer and starting his conditioning and learning period."

Rumors have been heavy as to where the multi-talented athlete will be moved in college, having many people talking about a possible move to linebacker. According to this source, that is simply not true.

"Brooks told Mike that he didn't want him to gain more that 15 pounds," he said, "by that I think they are looking for him to keep his speed as a safety and a wide receiver."

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