TC Drake Says Yes; Awaits Decision From Staff

Yesterday <i>Inside Kentucky</i> brought forth the news that TC Drake, a Tight End prospect from Nelson County, had been extended a greyshirt opportunity earlier this year. Wednesday night, we talked with Drake about Kentucky and his current list of suitors ...

TC Drake, a 6-foot-6, 215 pound prospect has only been playing football for 2 seasons, but performed well enough to garner an in-state scholarship offer.

"Eastern (Kentucky), Western (Kentucky), Louisville, UK, Indiana, Ohio, Purdue and Miami of Ohio have all been in contact and sending me letters," TC Drake stated to Inside Kentucky Tuesday night. "It's pretty much Eastern, Western, and UK though for me. They've been the most interested and they've been sending me the most letters and making the most contact."

According to Drake, the Wildcats have been in constant contact since last January, only months after his first full season playing football; "Kentucky's been sending me letters ever since this time last year," Drake said. "They really liked what they had seen in me and so they invited me down to the campus several times this fall. I got a chance to see the school several times and eventually they offered me a grayshirt a couple months ago."

The offer, which Drake admits to have had for some time, has finally been accepted - but the staff is still getting back to him on whether or not they'll take his commitment.

"I've gone ahead and let them know that I want to accept the offer," Drake said. "Coach Brown is gonna give me a call after the holidays and let me know if they'll still take me."

According to his coach, the Wildcats like his 4.7 speed and aggressive behavior. "We were not a passing team so I'd say he had 12 catches for 250 yds and 4 TD's," Coach Bill Mason said, "but the colleges like his size, speed, and, athleticism."

And unlike some student athletes, Drake is not dwelling on the fact he will have to grayshirt in order to fulfill his dream of playing for the hometown Wildcats; "I'm very excited about grayshirting," Drake stated. "I think it's a great opportunity for me. They told me I need to pick up some weight and the time off should really help me do that. I'll be a pretty nice sized tight end by the time I'm ready to go."

"I think I will make there running game better. I watched them last year and they really need some help on the outside of the line and they think I can be of help in the running game."

Will the staff take commitment #21? We'll just have to wait until after the holidays to find out.

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