Merry Christmas from IK

No matter how many times you hear it or say it, "Merry Christmas" never loses the meaning, the sincere hope for the very best for your fellow man. And it is in that spirt that all of us at Inside Kentucky Magazine and wish you the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest 2005.

It has been our good fortune to be involved with the University of Kentucky athletics this past year. It has brought us into contact with some individuals - both athletes and administrators alike. It has also given us the opportunity to know the finest and most knowledgeable fans around. Our opponents think of us as being arrogant. But, as Dizzy Dean once put it, "It ain't bragging if you've done it."

And to Kentucky fans, in addition to our wish for your happiness, we also give you our thanks for your participation with us.

We also offer our best for all the men and women who provide us with the greatness that is Kentucky athletics. And we offer a special prayer for our President Greg Vincent, who has endured the pain and struggles of not one, but two family members suffering dearly this holiday season. May he find strength in the friendships of those that surround him.

We offer prayer to the many Kentuckians whom are spending this holiday season in the cold and snow. May you find warmth in the ones you love and the heater stays plugged.

We offer thanks to our terrific moderators, whom don't get paid a dime, but offer there hearts and souls into this site as if they were.

We pray for strength in our athletic director and athletic administrators, whom work so diligently throughout the season and in most cases - without the comfort of family. May god watch over them.

We pray for our athletes and coaches, as well as the families of our athletes and coaches, whom may not be given a chance to enjoy the gift of friendship and family this holiday season because of a clash with their respective sports.

And lastly, we pray for the thousands of armed soldiers across the sea. May they feel comfort this holiday season in the strength of the season and the millions of families they currently protect. Kentucky fans to Louisville fans, from Maryland to California, we are so proud of you and can't wait to see you again.

Merry Christmas to each of you and may God continue to bless each and every one of you this holiday season.

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Inside Kentucky will and always will be a christian based organization. We apologize if this story and others have offended anybody.

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