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<i>Inside Kentucky</i> is stressing our gurus to be more accessible to you all. With my time constraints each week, I have trouble replying in a timely manner or finding everyone's questions. To counter this problems, I ask that you please place all of your questions (recruiting or football) for each week on the threads above the football message boards. Deadline for weekly questions will now be each Sunday at 12:00 Midnight. Thanks for your participation!

KentuckyFan24 asks:
Great news to hear Roper being named quarterbacks coach. How much will this affect recruiting? Any new names pop up that Roper was previously involved with?

Rob Gidel: Thanks for being a premium member and a contributor the site!

RG: Kurt Roper was involved in the recruitment of a lot of quality players in the past two to three years at Ole Miss and especially this past year. Unfortunately, the little scholarships the Cats have to offer look to be going to the respective prospects that they have already currently offered or have been pursuing. I highly doubt any new names will pop up because of Roper's affiliation at this point, but do feel his coming to UK has already affected recruiting tremendously in the addition of Pittsburgh (PA) native Bill Stull. Although his hiring was not the sole reason why Stull decided on UK, the case can certainly be made that it created an easier decision with the announcement of his hiring for Billy. As far as I am concerned and the Wildcat nation should be concerned, garnering Stull's commitment is far more of an impact then 5 additional recruits Roper may have brought along, had we had more scholarships to offer.

realquiet asks:
We have Stull, so lets get greedy. What is your opinion on Quinton Wesely?

Rob Gidel: Thanks for your commitment to the site and continued support of Inside Kentucky! You've been a great asset to our community and I cannot thank you enough.

RG: Wesley has a way of dominating off the ball, because he has such great instincts and hand-eye coordination. I would say his feet are not up to par with McKinney and Heyman, but he is certainly a great off-the-ball type guy. He's not gonna run the great 40-time off the end, but he definitely can make an impact as a big linebacker in the Braxton Kelly mold. With the 'Cats going back to a conventional 4-3 defense more times then not, he'd make for an excellent addition. He'll need to get bigger and stronger, but he's definitely a rare talent to find for a 2-9 football team. Defensive Ends are definitely available in this 2005 class and to get a guy like Wesley is a must for UK to keep up.

Will Stull help with kids such as, Coleman, Rich, Nyang, Davis and Heyman?

Gidel: As far as your second question is concerned, Billy's a competitor and I think his efforts on the field speak volumes as to what kind of leader he is. I don't doubt he is on the phone all the time trying to get recruits to come to Kentucky with him. He's too much of a competitor and too much of a marquee name to not do so.

JDavid asks:
What about the possibility of Travis Hart (Ford & Kelly's teammate at LaGrange) getting a late offer or grayshirt offer? I know he's not much taller than a fire hydrant, but he tied for 1st overall (with Blackmon) in the Ironman competition, and was the team leader in tackles (ahead of Blackmon & Kelly). I watched the Granger game highlights, and this kid has a nose for the ball and will let you know about it when he arrives. I'll hang up and listen

Rob Gidel: Glad to have you on board JDavid. You are a great addition and add a great personality to our community. Thank you.

RG: As far as the possibility of Travis Hart. Hart is a small linebacker - we all know that - but the staff has done a great job of keeping him on the board. I know for a fact he's on the brink of getting an offer from somebody and I do believe the staff is contemplating what to do with Travis if some kids fall through the cracks and they are left with offers. Right now, the staff is still trying to put an educated guess on how many kids they want to take. If Hart is still out there, I think their is a good possibility he'll be approached as a grayshirt possibility or a perferred walk-on. They've already talked with Brandon Kelly about doing the same. I wouldn't be surprised if Hart comes with him.

RaffDaddy asks:
"Ok, I just want to know if how do you guys see this class stacking up? Do we add 5 more kids or more, does it depend on who wants to commit?

Gidel: It's great to finally have you on board there RaffDaddy. Thanks for supporting our site.

RG: I think the staff is going to see whom they have legitament shots at getting to grayshirt. They have some kids already on board that have offered to wait till January to enroll. As we saw with Aubrey White, there is no garuntee, they will be Wildcats. I see the staff adding 5-7 more commitments to get to 31 or 32 and grayshirting as many as 5-7 or as little as 3-5. Academic casualties would be associated with grayshirts.

I also think that it will be hard for us to get B Coleman without Rich because they seem really close and Coleman acted like he was following a lot of Rich's lead when he was interviewed about the Minn visit, your opinion please.

Gidel: Yes, I do believe that Boyd Coleman would thrive and succeed being on his own at a different place like Kentucky without Rich. I think kids, more or less, enjoy taking official visits with teammates because it gives them more of a reason to go to official visits. Kids have stuff to do and are busy this time of year, to ask them to go to Minnesota or Wisconsin by themselves is lucradis. That's why colleges try to get them to come all together.

I have also heard that Roper is in on Oher and was wondering if we have any shot at this kid whatsoever?

Gidel: Roper and Oher are great friends and he developed a great relationship with Roper, but it appears like he has gone away from Kurt when he went to UK.

By the way do you think that Lindley will be as good as Bo Smith was before the incident because I think that he can be just due to size and speed if the injury doesn't present a problem."

Gidel: I think you hit the nail on the head with Trevard Lindley. I think his size and his speed will make for an excellent addition. My concern is the speed of the game. Can Trevard get back to his old form having only played a half a season in more then 2 years? It's a risk that Kentucky took.

Rabidcat asks:
"I also have a question. By my count we are out of schollies except for greyshirts.

Gidel: Thanks for the question. Yes, but remember, some already committed kids have been asked to grayshirt or are awaiting word if they are going to grayshirt.

If, as is usual every year, 2-3 of the commits do not qualify and a couple of the kids take one for the team and greyshirt, then we could have around 5 schollies left to give. Is my thinking oorrect?

Gidel: Your thinking is right on par, my friend.

We seem to be after a bunch of talented players with no place to put them. I get lost and confused about this time every year."

Gidel: Haha. It's an interesting gig, this grayshirt thing. Just realize that things will all get sorted out eventually. Grayshirts are a terrible thing at this time and some kids freak out at the word, but once it gets time to make the decision, most kids are receptive.

RobTerry asks:
"In the end...on signing day...what suprises do you SEE happening?

Gidel: Thanks for the question. I see the Cats having 1-2 surprises and that's it, but they might not be surprises by then because their names might already have popped up. I know two that have not been talked about that might be committing shortly.

Will we sign 30,31, or more playeres...yes or no?

RG: 30-31 players

Please list the additional players above current commits you SEE in order with the chance listed of us actually getting them.

Gidel: UK has the best chance at landing Casillas, CJ Davis, Nevels, Drake, Wesley, Gates, and Coleman. Of course I am not saying this is the class, the Wildcats will put together, but as of right now, these kids are either slanting to UK or most up in the air.

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