Beach Ball Feature: Daequan Cook

<b>MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. –</b> Daequan Cook, a junior wing out of Dayton Dunbar, showed off his skills at the Beach Ball Classic and then spoke with about his recruitment.

It's not like he's a throwback or anything but watch Daequan Cook a couple of times and you get the feeling that he's got this thing figured out. Pick your spots, master a shot, mix in some athleticism and boom, you've got a Top 10 prospect.

Cook,'s No. 6 player in the Class of 2006, is a skilled wing guard. Think Ray Allen on the perimeter and if Cook has his way mix in a little Shawn Marion in the athleticism department. It's a combination that works for him.

Tuesday afternoon at the Beach Ball Classic, Cook gave onlookers a peek into what his game is all about. Right now, he has the best mid-range game of any perimeter we've seen in his class. His mid-range game is an area he's extremely proud of.

"That's the shot you can't miss," Cook said of his free throw line extended shot. "You practice shooting free throws [from that distance] all the time so you should be able to make them."

Cook's daily routine consists of 400 jump shots, 200 of which he takes inside the 3-point arc. "I know I can take the ball to the hole. I practice shooting jump shots."

Clearly, Cook is one of the elite wings in the class. Wake Forest, Ohio State, North Carolina, Cincinnati, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Michigan State and Syracuse are chasing him. Wake Forest has been the behind the scenes leader for his AAU teammate Mike Conley, and Cook isn't opposed – he's actually in favor – of attending the same college as Conley.

"More than likely," Cook said, "Mike and I are going to the same college. What good what it do to split us up?"

Cook's a smart player. He understands the value of surrounding himself with talent and is comfortable in those settings where he doesn't have to be the center of attention. Talented players feed his game and open up areas on the floor which make it accessible for him to score and for Cook, scoring isn't really a problem.

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