UK Loses Out on E-Town DL; Likes 3

<b>Brandon Deaderick</b>, 6-4, 230, of Elizabethtown High School, Kentucky, is one of the top defensive lineman in the southeast. Deaderick is looking hard at three schools.

"Right now, everybody is recruiting me pretty hard. Alabama is probably recruiting me the hardest. Auburn had been recruiting me the hardest, but they have been pre-occupied with the SEC championship, and the big BCS bowl game. Alabama has really come on strong as of late," said Brandon Deaderick.

"I got a Christmas card from my recruiting coach, Coach Sparky Woods. It said, 'All I want for Christmas is a speed defensive end.' I really liked that a lot. Coach Woods is a great coach, and I really like him a lot. We have built a very strong relationship. I have met with Coach Randolph and Coach Shula. Both of them came to visit me, and they are all great guys," Deaderick added.

When asked what separates Alabama from the other schools, Deaderick replied, "The tradition. They have more national championships than anyone else in the country. I am in so much awe of the program. Everyone just takes so much pride in the football team. Alabama football is big time. They have one of the best defenses in the country. I would not mind being a part of that at all. The coaches have told me the jerseys have been the same since Alabama has been around, and that I would represent anyone who had ever worn that jersey. I would not want to ever disgrace it. I would always respect the ones who have worn that number. That just really means a lot to me," said Deaderick.

Deaderick is looking hard at three schools.

"Alabama is in my top three, along with Louisville and Auburn. They are all equal right now. It's going to come down to these last official visits. I have already been on my visit to Louisville, and it was great. I am going to Alabama on January 7 and Auburn on January 14. I canceled my visit to Michigan State, because we talked it over, and felt like it was not the best situation for me. I might try to schedule a visit with Florida, but for now the weekend of January 21 is open. You can't go wrong with any of those three schools. My decision will probably be after my official visits. This decision will affect the next 4-5 years of my life."

Three schools are fighting for Deaderick's signature, and each school offers different things for the four star lineman.

Alabama: "Alabama is just having a great recruiting class. They are getting off all their probation. The program is on the rise. They will be very good for the next several years."

Auburn: "Auburn gives me the best position to come in and play right away. They had a great season.

Louisville: "It's just right here at home. My family and friends would be able to come and watch me all the time."

Louisville is making a strong push, but Deaderick claims he will make the best decision for his future.

"It would be pretty hard to leave. If I feel better somewhere else, then I would not mind leaving at all. I am trying to find the place where I feel the most comfortable, and where I could see myself living. If I wasn't playing football, I would want to see how much I would like just living in the town and going to school there."

Deaderick is enjoying the holidays and is hoping to attend a few bowl games.

"The holidays have been great. Santa was good to me this year. I am trying to work out, but recruiting has hit really hard. I am trying to take a break. Whenever I decide what school I am going to, I am fully committed to that school, and I will do whatever they ask of me. I am not playing any other sports, but I think I am going to run track in the spring. I am going to try and go down to Nashville for the Alabama bowl game if we don't get snowed in," said Deaderick.

Deaderick was named to the AP All-State team, the Courier Journal All-State team, the Area Defensive Player of the Year and Lineman of the Year, the All-Area team, and the All-District team.

Elizabethtown finished the season 11-2.

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