Zirbel/Masthay Set for Official Visit

Tim Masthay and Cory Zirbel will both take their official visits to Kentucky this weekend, according to both kids.

According to Masthay, "I think we are going to leave Friday night late. We have a basketball game to play, and then we?ll be hitting the road. I haven't talked to Cory yet about that, though."

As of right now, there is no official agenda set up for the visit aside from taking in the Kentucky/Kansas game on Sunday.

"Joker will be coming down to see us on Thursday. I think we will be setting up an agenda at that time. I know I?ve asked for Taylor Begley to be my host, but I?m not sure yet about Cory."

When asked how serious Cory was about this visit, Tim replied, "Cory doesn?t have anything bad to say about Kentucky at all, so I don?t think he?s going just as a favor. He visited Miami and liked it, but he thought he just didn?t fit in. I?d say if he does not end up at Michigan, then it will be Kentucky."

In recent weeks, both UK and Louisville coaching staffs have been hot on the trails of all unsigned recruits across the state, including those who have verbally committed to play for other schools. While Tim has not been contacted recently by Louisville, he reflected on what the Louisville staff told him during his recruitment. "Mike Summers was the guy who recruited me from Louisville. They were really one of the more serious schools, and they acted like they were getting ready to offer me. At the time of my commitment to Kentucky, they were really playing well. I called Louisville to tell them I would be committing to Kentucky, and they were really pushing me to hold off for a couple of more weeks. They were telling me about their upcoming move to the Big East and the automatic BCS bid. I thought they were certainly headed in the right direction."

"Joker, of course, recruited me from Kentucky. They told me about early playing time with their punters graduating, but I actually got acquainted with them and knew the situation. Lots of things were said to me during the process, but none of it really sold me. The Kentucky Wildcats is what really sold me."


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