Tubby Eyes Scott Co.'s 7-Footer

There are plenty of reasons to like Jared Carter other than the fact that he's pushing 7-foot-1. One of them is that this big man is beginning to emerge as a serious prospect and that's a good sign for teams looking for talent late.

Jared Carter, a 7-foot-1, 245 prospect out of Scott County High in Kentucky didn't play a lot of AAU ball last summer. He did however, venture out to L.A. and Las Vegas in July and earned an early offer from Western Kentucky. Aside from the Toppers, most schools were slower to pick up on him and for good reason.

Last year as a junior, Carter didn't even start for Billy Hicks' squad. He averaged just 5 points and 5 boards, modest numbers for a player his height. In 2005, things are quite different.

"It's amazing," Hicks said. "He gets better every week. He's better this week than he was last week. It's really amazing."

Hicks credits Carter's work ethic and improved aggression for his surge as a prospect. The coach often finds Carter is the only player left in the gym after the team's long practices. "In the weight room he stays 40 minutes longer than everybody else and that's why he's come so far," Hicks said. "He's worked and now it's kicking in. He's an 80% free throw shooter. He runs well and he's got good hands. I can see now why he went from nobody to everybody wanting him."

Upon the conclusion of the summer, Scout.com figured Carter to be the highest level mid-major prospect. Not anymore as some of the best programs have been impressed with the strides he's made and potential he has. If you're looking for an example, think Nick Fazekas, the late blooming prospect who is making the staff at Nevada look real good on game days.

"He visited Boston College and thought the world of them," Hicks said. "Cincinnati has been in. Coach Huggins has been down and he's been there for a ballgame. Ohio State and Illinois are on him. South Carolina is supposed to be in today or tomorrow. Tennessee is on him too."

In Kentucky, the power of the Wildcats is great and Tubby Smith and his staff are recruiting Carter. "Kentucky has showed a lot of interest in him," Hicks said. "They're wanting to get him down for a visit."

Carter is immersed in Scott County's season so don't expect a decision during the year. However, once the season ends this could get real interesting in a hurry.

"This stuff is so new to him that he can't believe all this is happening," Hicks said.

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