Trigg Co. OL Solid With Cats?

Kenny Ray Turner committed to Kentucky early in the process and despite rumors to the contrary has never seriously thought of opening things up, until the 'Cats made it a point to talk about grayshirting ... Have things changed in Trigg?

"He's still 100% committed to Kentucky right now," Kenny Ray Turner's father told Inside Kentucky over the phone last month. "He's looking forward to getting to Lexington."

Kentucky was Kenny Ray's first scholarship offer and the 6-foot-7 Trigg County High School star jumped on the offer, hoping to fulfill a lifelong dream to play for the Wildcats.

"He's a Kentucky kid," the elder Turner said. "This was not a tough decision for him. He went to Lexington for the Blue/White game - got the scholarship - talked to Coach Brooks and it was over."

However, things have changed in regards to his enrollment and that might make things interesting in the next month.

"UK has indicated they are going to Grey-shirt him," Trigg County Head Coach Curtis Higgins said. "If he qualifies before signing day then he would like to not grey-shirt and will look at all of his options."

Turner was recruited by Arkansas, Alabama, Louisville, Mississippi State and Marshall when he committed to Kentucky in May of last year.

According to his coach, Wildcat fans can rest easy in the mean time; "The (current) status with Kenny Ray Turner is he is signing with UK on signing day in February," Coach Higgins said. "He has not yet qualified for participation as a freshman."


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