Kevin Durant Has Leader

One of the top forward prospects of the 2006 class is also among the elite juniors overall. Kevin Durant is truly gathering the attention of recruitniks and head coaches alike.

Kevin Durant, a very long and athletic power forward at Oak Hill Academy, has recently been considered as tall as 6'10."

The Scout recruiting database has him listed as somewhat of a comparison to Kevin Garnett. Mr. Durant has put together a complete game including a strong outside touch, especially for his size. Today, Kevin continues to work on his improvement.

"The main things I'm working on right now...actually, I just got done working on them working on my dribble, my slashability, and strength," Durant said.

If Kevin continues to put these things together, then it may begin to be difficult for him to keep the NBA scouts away; however, he told Evan Daniels of that he will likely stick to the college game.

"I want to go to college. I think it'll prepare you for that level as far as the NBA and I want to get a little stronger, too."

To take things a bit further, Casey Johnson had him go into what he is looking for in a school.

"The main things I am looking for is how they are developing their wings. I won't have a problem playing anywhere on the court, but I will prefer the three in college. Also, tradition is very important and who all the school is bringing in (recruiting)."

While Kevin is probably not going to decide for certain until this time next year, three schools have emerged as leaders headlined by the University of Kentucky.

"It's Kentucky, one. It's Texas, two. And, it's UConn, three. Wake Forest and Georgia Tech are in there, too."

As of right now, Kevin has not begun scheduling his visits. The only way he gets used to a school today is through playing college basketball games on the X-Box.

Casey Johnson: "So, do you play NBA 2K5 more or NCAA 2K5?"
Kevin Durant: "NCAA 2K5!"
CJ: "And when you play that game, I know you create yourself as a player....what team do you put yourself on?"
Durant (laughing): "Yeah, I do that. I usually put myself on the mid-majors, though."

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