TC Drake's Commitment Accepted?

Nelson County standout T.C. Drake was still waiting on a response from the Kentucky coaching staff to see if his grayshirt commitment to the 'Cats has been accepted last time we checked in with him. Did he get the call back from UK yet?

"When I last talked to you, I had just talked with them recently," TC Drake said. "They said then, I would probably hear something in the middle of next month (January). I'm expecting to hear from them soon, though."

The hold-up, according to Drake, is that the coaching staff is not complete yet. And Coach Rich Brooks' policy is to collaborate and talk with each member of the staff before officially accepting a commitment.

"Everyone's gotta talk with each other and give the okay," Drake said. "They've had some coaches leave and they're still looking around to get everything in tact. Coach said he would get back to me, so I am still just waiting to see what they do."

Stay tuned to Inside Kentucky for the latest on Nelson County's TC Drake and his status, as we continue to inch closer to signing day.


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