Silent Commitment Time?

After a conversation with Clemson assistant coach Brad Scott, four-star running back Mike Davis is getting close to making his decision.

RB Mike Davis
5-10, 210, 4.5
Columbia High School
Columbia, South Carolina

The phones have been busy at the Davis household this week. "I have talked with Coach Scott from Clemson and Coach Phillips from Kentucky. I have also talked with Coach Stockstill from South Carolina and a coach from Maryland," Davis told in a recent interview.

"Coach Scott told me that they are going to take one more running back. From what I understand, it will either be me or James Davis."

The conversation with Coach Scott has Davis thinking that he should make a quick decision. "It kind of makes me want to go ahead and make a decision. I will probably go ahead and tell the coach, but I want make an announcement about my decision until signing day."

When will the talented running back make his silent commitment? "It will be sooner rather than later. It will be when I get the right feeling."

The 5-10, 210 pound prospect is not ready to go on record with a leader, but he does have two clear favorites. "Clemson and Kentucky are my leaders right now," stated the prize recruit.

What does Davis like about both schools?

Kentucky: "They are a good football school. They are going to run the ball just like Clemson. I also like the academics."

Clemson: "They are close to home. They are going to run the ball. It is a good situation to come into right now. It also helps that a lot of my Shrine Bowl teammates are going there."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding running back from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2005.


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