Signing Day Deal - Finally!

<i>Inside Kentucky</i> presents its best deal to date, just in time for college football's national signing day! Check it out!

Okay, I'll admit it, we heard your complaints.

Honestly, we did.

So finally we did something about it and we decided to do it prior to signing day so everyone can enjoy this great offer.

Both subscribers and publishers have asked for a 6 Month TAP Plus subscription, and now we finally have found a way to do it. Starting last week, subscribers will have the opportunity to purchase a 6 month subscription that will get them the recruiting guide, and Inside Kentucky - the magazine published during that six month subscription for a price of $64.95.

That, including our premium internet services, which includes member boards, stories, and the entire network database.

"There are a couple of compelling reasons to offer this product," Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Joel Cox said. "During this important recruiting season, it's a more compelling buy than the standard six month TAP. Users want the recruiting guide published in March and in the Fall, but in the past could only get it by purchasing a year subscription. Now they can get with a 6 month subscription!"

CLICK HERE and purchase the 6-month Total Access Package!

Not a subscriber yet to our 48-page, glossy, monthly publication? To learn more about the Inside Kentucky Magazine, now in its 11th season of production, CLICK HERE.

There are two ways to order ...

* For magazine-only subscription purchases, CLICK HERE to order online or call 888-501-5752 (note: you will save $5 by ordering online).

* IK's annual online subscribers receive the magazine for free! (Current monthly online subscribers should upgrade to this package.) For more info on this special offer, CLICK HERE

Are you a monthly online subscriber? Here are four reasons why you should upgrade to the annual online subscription ...

1) It costs less. You'll save about $20 per year, which is the equivalent to two months free per year of IK premium.

2) The magazine. As noted above, annual subscribers receive the Inside Kentucky Magazine, a 48-page, glossy, monthly publication with in-depth features, analysis and fantastic photography.

3) The yearbooks. Annual subscribers get's biannual national recruiting yearbooks.

The annual subscription to Inside Kentucky costs less, includes IK's 48-page monthly magazine, the recruiting yearbooks and now 60 issues of The Sporting News?! It's a no brainer.


If you have any questions, be sure to send us an email at

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