Ravi to the Rescue

You can't but wonder if when the news of Joe Crawford's departure had finally hit the air waves and circulated to Wildcat Lodge, a certain UK player made it a point to whisper his own tune.

What about me?

Nobody's been more consistent and reliable in times of need then Ravi Moss and nobody deserves his shot more then the Hopkinsville walk-on guard. So it came as no surprise to anybody, when everyone's favorite little guy was one of the first names out of Tubby's mouth in response to whom will have to step up with Joe Crawford's departure.

And now he will get his shot.

"(Ravi)'s giving us a big lift off the bench," Tubby Smith said in his press conference Tuesday. "He almost pulled it out for us again Sunday. He had an unbelievable game against Louisville. He's coming in and giving us the type of play we need."

"We've been getting that type of production out of Ravi (Moss) all season," the UK head man said.

With Tubby, it's never been what Moss offers to the table, but more or less, what he doesn't. At 6-foot-3, Moss isn't the biggest shooting guard in the country, nor the quickest, nor the best defender - but the passion and attitude might be just what the doctor ordered for Tubby's basketball team.

"We all have our limitations," Smith said, "but we also have our strengths. We try to utilize Ravi's strengths and what we think is most beneficial for the team and also for that individual."

And now, he'll get his shot.

"We've got to do it for the team and sometimes that's hard to sacrifice. That's the toughest thing in the world, to sacrifice yourself for anybody."

And perhaps nobody has done it better then Moss, the walk-on guard whom gave up other basketball opportunities to pay his own way at Kentucky. The Hopkinsville native has more times then not been Mr. Reliable for the Wildcats despite critics and naysayers whom suggest he do little more then grab a ticket to the game.

But after the transfer of Joe Crawford, Kentucky needs his services even more.

For his on-court ability, his off-court leadership and his passionate demeanor. With increased minutes, the junior guard will be doing more then just offering a back-up plan, he may be able to right a ship headed in the wrong direction.

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