Who Would You Take?

The best recruiters in the world are other players. With that in mind, 25 U.S. Army All-Americans were asked if they could recruit one player with them to college, who would it be? Find out what they had to say today.

You can listen to what we have to say about players all week long, but it's always interesting to see what the players themselves have to say. The question asked was "Your future college coach just called you and told you to recruit one guy to the team with you. Who are you taking with you?"

Q: Player Asked
A: His answer

Q:  Reggie Smith
A:  Martellus Bennett, he'd keep me laughing all the time

Q: Raymond Henderson
A: Reggie Youngblood

Q: Aaron Lewis
A: Roy Miller 

Q: Demetrice Morley
A: Kenny Phillips

Q: Justin King
A: I can't name just one. I'd take these four: Demetrice Morley, Patrick Turner, Fred Rouse, and Kenny Phillips

Q: Jonathan Stewart
A: Ryan Perrilloux

Q: Jonathan Crompton
A: Before the question was even finished: "Patrick Turner, that's all I have to say," said Crompton with a laugh.

Q: Melvin Alaeze
A: Rico McCoy and James McKinney

Q: Chris Scott
A: Nyan Boateng

Q: James McKinney
A: Melvin Alaeze

Q: Jerrell Powe
A: Demarcus Granger

Q: Eugene Monroe
A: Dan Doering, We'd make the best left side in the nation.

Q: Dan Doering
A: Eugene Monroe, we'd only make each other better.

Q: Ryan Bain:
A: Anthony Moeaki

Q: Eric Huggins
A: Demetrice Morley

Q: Michael Oher
A: Eugene Monroe or Patrick Turner

Q: Josh McNeil
A: "I'd take Jonathan Crompton first, but after that, I'd take Demarcus Granger, so I wouldn't have to block him," laughed McNeil.

Q: J.B. Paxson
A: I'd probably take Mark Sanchez first, but I'll say Adam Myers-White, because I know we (Purdue) want him.

Q: Roy Miller
A: Patrick Turner

Q: Mark Sanchez
A: "Patrick Turner or DeSean Jackson, but I'm just being selfish," laughed Sanchez.

Q: DeSean Jackson
A: Mark Sanchez or Ryan Perrilloux

Q: Bryan Evans
A: Patrick Turner or Fred Rouse

Q: Maurice Wells
A: I'd have to go with a lineman, so I'd say Alex Boone

Q: Patrick Turner
A: Toney Baker

Q: Slick Shelley
A: Ryan Perrilloux

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