'Cats Needing Comeback

The Cats lost out or are falling behind on a lot of recruits. Find out the latest on where they stand on several recruits following another disappointing weekend.

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Earl Bennett - "Kentucky's still up there, but I'm not totally sure 'bout what they going to do with me. I like receiver and I wanna play receiver...

Southern Miss was a real good visit. I like everything about there program and I like the way the players get treated. I'm definitely feeling them right now." (Bennett visited Southern Mississippi this past weekend)

CJ Davis - "I like Kentucky a lot, but I think I just wanna stay closer. I am still waiting on Pitt, but if I don't hear from them about an offer, I am gonna go to Akron or Bowling Green." (Davis visited Bowling Green this past weekend)

Brandon Deaderick - "My trip to Auburn went well. I enjoyed it a lot and I plan on making my decision this Friday. That was my last visit. Louisville, Alabama and Auburn are the schools I'm really considering." (Deaderick visited Auburn this past weekend)

Quintin Wesley - "I would say there are four top schools - MSU, Alabama, North Carolina and Kentucky. But I would say Mississippi State is a strong leader." (Wesley visited Mississippi State this past weekend)

Richie Rich - "I committed to UNC this weekend," Rich said. "It went good. Same thing that happens at mostly all visits, I hung out with the players and stuff. They told me they want me to play my freshman year." (Rich visited North Carolina this past weekend)

James Davis - "I talked with Coach Bowden earlier this morning and told him about my decision (to commit). He was very excited. He said he was glad I made that decision." (Davis visited Clemson this past weekend)

Mike Davis - "He didn't commit, but I think he's leaning towards heading to Clemson to be honest. It's close to home and I know he's definitely got a lot of people pushing him there." (Davis visited Clemson this past weekend)

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