Pa. DL Has New Leaders

The Wildcats continue to receive more negative news on the recruiting trail, as previously solid C.J. Davis from West Imperial (PA) has now shifted gears. Find out more ...

"I just got back from Bowling Green," C.J. Davis said. "I just loved it there this weekend. It was everything they said it was gonna be and more."

Schools are recruiting Davis as a defensive tackle. He was a four-year varsity starter for Bob Palko at West Allegheny, being named all-conference as a junior.

"I am still waiting on Pitt," Davis said. "All the schools pretty much told me they will wait on Pitt."

Davis had previously said Kentucky was his leader, almost committing a couple weeks prior to Christmas, but since Pitt's new coach has arrived, things have changed.

"I like Kentucky a lot, but I think I just wanna stay closer. I am still waiting on Pitt, but if I don't hear from them about an offer, I am gonna go to Akron or Bowling Green."

Davis has a visit scheduled to Boston College this weekend. He has already visited Akron and Kentucky.

"I've loved Akron from the beginning. They are a good school and I realy like what they have for me as far as academics and playing time. It's a good situation and it's a chance to stay closer to home."

For now, all eyes are on Pittsburgh and new coach Dave Waddstedt; "I haven't heard back from them since I last talked to Coach Dunn, but they basically said they are gonna see what happens to this other kid whose been waiting on a Pitt offer as well. They want to see what he'll do, first."

"It's basically just a waiting game."

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