Staff Talks About Grayshirt Status

For the past couple months, Kentucky has waited word on if Nelson County's T.C. Drake would accept a grayshirt offer to play football for the Wildcats. After concluding he did want to commit, he contacted the staff and finally heard back. Did the staff accept his commitment?

"Yes, I heard from the staff through email," TC Drake said. "They told me that they have withdrawn all grayshirt offers, because of all the commitments they received. They also contacted my coach as well about the situation. Basically they've had to rethink some of the grayshirting."

So what does this mean for the talented Tight End prospect from Nelson County?

"They said they still want me bad and would like to discuss matters with me the weekend of the Kentucky - LSU game," Drake said about scheduling his official visit.

"They said that they are gonna try and get me in as a preferred walk-on and then possibly earn a scholarship later on," Drake stated. "Basically, they are gonna clear it all up on my official visit."

And if that offer came, would he accept?

"I don't know," Drake said. "I'm talking to the Western coach and they've been saying the same thing to me about coming in and possibly being a preferred walk-on or possibly getting a scholarship. Coach Schism wants me to come check out the campus and see the school before I do anything."

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