Monday's The Rumor Mill

Where will the 'Cats turn in recruiting? How is captain Steve Spurrier doing at USC? Who was the big winners in San Antonio? What's the latest on Chris Todd? Where can the 'Cats turn to replace Boyd Coleman? What's new in Card country? Grayshirts? Who's opened up there recruitments? Find out, in the rumor mill ...

  • With signing day just more than two weeks away, recruiting is much in the news in and especially, across the football crazed states known as the Southeastern Conference. Analysts across the country and putting together the formula for success.

    One thing to remember, however, is that nobody won any games in February.

    "When I was at Miami we never had a recruiting class ranked in the Top 10, and we won three national championships," Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville said. "Why is that? Because we didn't have a fan base that bought those magazines."

    Tuberville's 2004 football Tigers celebrated their 13-0 season with a Parade of Champions on Saturday.

    No one with any knowledge of college football would disagree that recruiting is the lifeblood of the sport. But fretting over not signing enough "5-star" players is a waste of time. If players are fast enough and athletic enough, it's all about how they develop once they get to college.

    "I couldn't tell you how any player we are recruiting is rated by anybody except us," Tuberville said.

    Well said.

  • Iowa, Tennessee loads up: I would be remiss not to tell you of the great success experienced by the U.S. Army All-American game this past weekend brought to you by The network has come so far and to have the all-star game was a terrific honor for all of us and a huge accomplishment to our network and company.

  • In case you missed it, wrapped inside over 500 written stories on the event in San Antonio, were over 20 top commitments at the event. From Jerrell Powe to Tony Baker, had the scoop on every major commitment this past weekend. To no one's surprise, Iowa and Tennessee led the way and appear set to take the recruiting crown this season. Tennessee, whom has led the way from the get-go, continues to lock in the nation's top talent in a rare year for the Vols. Iowa, on the flipside, has become a recruiting power almost over night, locking in the top talent across the Midwest.

  • Here comes Spurrier: After treading water throughout the first couple of weeks in recruiting, Steve Spurrier finally got his motor running. Hosting as many 16+ recruits this past weekend and as many 25+ last weekend, Spurrier did his thing - pulling in two additional top 25 receivers in Carlos Thomas and Eric Sledge and two additional linebackers for 8 commitments all together. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

    If Spurrier lands two-three more four star kids, he'll have a top 10 recruiting class. Even for Spurrier, its a phenomenal accomplishment, considering his late start to the recruiting season.

  • Todd keeping tight lip: Elizabethtown's quarterback Chris Todd has been offered by South Carolina. Spurrier has been very slow in picking up the pace for a future gunslinger, having only picked up one commitment at the position from a two-star kid. Todd's been a hot commodity of late with the lack of pocket passing quarterbacks, garnering new offers from Oklahoma and Mississippi. He's being tight lipped about what he wants to do with USC, possibly taking a visit on a lighter weekend to keep his publicity down. He's still a Texas Tech commitment for the time being.

  • Need for Speed?: Kentucky has offered Florida cornerback prospect Josh Walker from Tampa (FL). Walker's a great prospect that had an offer from South Carolina but saw it pulled. The 'Cats have really started to suffer at the cornerback spot and he could possibly fill the void left by Boyd Coleman and most recently, Earl Bennett.

  • The 'Cats may also take a look at Chris Singleton, a kid that was formerly a commitment to Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks, before the offer was pulled because of lack of space. Singleton, out of Dunbar HS in Fort Myers (FL), runs a legit 4.36 and has a lot of talent that the Cats would desperately need at cornerback. He's 5'11 and 185 pounds, so he's got the height, the question has always been his desire in the classroom. Singelton has had his SAT score improved from 590 to 990, but apparently that was not good enough for USC. Singleton said no other school has requested he retake the test. He will visit Troy State January 14th, Wisconsin on the 21st and Iowa on the 28th. Can the Cats make an offer and scoop him up? Rich Brooks if you are out there ... ahem.

  • Cards recruiting picking up: You gotta love it when a kid is not afraid of competition. Quarterback Lee Sweeney committed to UofL and is the next future quarterback star in the making. Sweeney may be a two-star commitment, but perhaps no kid was more of a sleeper across the midwest. He's got a nice arm and is improving, but most of all, he's got a nice scrambling ability, the Cards stole another one.

  • Rocky Ross finds home: Former UK recruit and UofL prospect, Rocky Ross committed to Central Florida and elected not to take his visit to Louisville this past weekend. Ross, whom would have loved to play for UK and would have made a solid addition at WR, never was seriously recruited by Kentucky.

  • Former O-Line recruit opens it up: Former North Carolina commitment Jason Hill from Atlanta (Ga.) and Douglass High School apparently has been given the boot from UNC and he has opened up his recruitment again. After deciding to take an official visit to USC, UNC left him for greener pastures and now the star offensive lineman needs a home. Will the 'Cats get involved?

  • Grayshirt offers off the table?: According to TC Drake, the staff has decided to take all grayshirt offers off the table. With this news, Jordan Nevels may not have an offer from UK anymore.


  • Smart move: I agree with Tubby Smith's decision to let Joe Crawford back. At the end of the day, he's just a kid and he deserves an opportunity to change his mind. Sometimes, even us sports writers forget how old these young men are. Cheers to Tubby Smith and Mitch Barnhart for allowing cooler heads to prevail.

  • 10-0: Women's Basketball is back ... and what a huge way to continue to take another step forward. The Cats needed a victory and got it, when they defeated the Lady Rebs on Sunday. An even bigger win, considering the unevitable collapses UK's program has had after big wins such as the one experienced on Wednesday. Cheers to Coach Mickie DeMoss on an even greater victory on Sunday at home following arguably the program's biggest win on Wednesday.

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