Rants & Raves: Sky Not Fallen

Should we just give up already? Throw in the towel. Recruiting has hit a thud and Wildcat fans are growling, but are these feelings premature? The good news ...

For those that are being very negative towards our recruiting class, let me say this .. not too many programs have two top flight quarterbacks heading to their respective schools next fall. South Carolina, home of the great Steve Spurrier, can't even boast of that. The fact that UK needed and found two great quarterbacks in Pulley and Stull, shows the 'Cats addressed a most critical need and managed to do it in fabulous fashion.

Curtis Pulley is gonna add instant athleticism and speed to the quarterback position, something Wildcat fans desperately sought in the Ron Hudson era. The fact Pulley continues to focus on his accuracy and improved quarterback judgements is good news for the 'Cats and the future. Pulley may not play next year, but he'll be a factor sooner rather then later. Many quarterbacks may have been better prospects "star" or "ranking" wise, but nobody will have a bigger fan-fare or be under a bigger microscope then Kentucky's Mr. Football next year.

Quarterback was the most important "need" for 2005 and the fact the 'Cats have addressed it and even exceeded what many thought they could bring in after a 2-9 season shows that the staff can recruit. Often times, we forget the early victories experienced by Stull and Pulley.

  • The 'Cats desperately needed to fill the holes in the defense and I believe they've done just that with some quality additions that perhaps people have forgotten about. I've been told by a former member of the Utah staff, Sefo Mailau may be one of the best players in Utah. Braxton Kelly is gonna be an awesome addition at linebacker or defensive end, if called upon, as well as Zipp Duncan.

    Overall, I've loved what the 'Cats have done on the defensive line, adding some quality depth and options for 2005. The fact we lost out on Brandon Logan means absolutely nothing. Tedd Bullock and a host of other top flight backups are waiting in the wings and adding a top flight linebacker wouldn't have changed the complexion of our unit next year. Adding Defensive Lineman who can contribute was more important and the 'Cats will benefit sooner rather then later with additions of Mailau, Duncan, and Kelly.

  • Kentucky's added some solid additions at cornerback, especially if Alfonso Smith does indeed get his shot at defensive back. The 'Cats should have some explosive speed and for the first time in a long time, some height. EJ Adams, Smith and possibly Earl Bennett are all great additions to the secondary. Don't forget about David Jones - possibly the fastest member of the class.

  • Curtis Pulley will still be a Cat and he'll be making plays in the UK backfield in no time at all. Don't let the visit to Louisville fool you. The fact that UofL picked up a quarterback commitment from Lee Sweeney this past weekend allows Louisville ZERO chance at garnering his commitment. Pulley isn't stupid and at least wants a shot at quarterback. No matter how good of a salesman Bobby Petrino may be - it's hard to sell a chance at quarterback when you got Brohm, Sweeney and Bush on the team.

  • Yes, Kentucky has suffered some losses of late, but at the same time, the Wildcats have addressed needs. Let's not forget, the key to recruiting isn't how great you can recruit, but how great you can recruit under pressure. The 'Cats needed quarterbacks, defensive backs, offensive lineman and defensive lineman in this class. It's safe to say, they've done just that.

    Try to stay calm and let's see how things work out. Joker and the staff have plenty left in the arsenal.

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