'Cats To Wear American Flags?

As always seems to be the case in a time of war, college basketball programs across the country debate the topic of whether or not they should actively support the flag by sporting it on their jerseys. Friday, Tubby Smith commented on the situation.

"Bill Keightley has been our equipment manager here for 40-plus years," Kentucky head coach Tubby Smith said. "I asked him way back, 'Teams are wearing the flag, should we wear the flag?' He said it's not appropriate. It's not to be worn on an athletic uniform."

While the topic has been heavily discussed and debated over the years, you rarely find someone so actively against the idea as the Wildcats veteran equipment manager. And for good reason.

"(Keightley)'s an ex-Marine," Smith continued. "I have great respect for him and his beliefs. I don't know what's appropriate. It's like flying the flag at half-mast; when do you do it and who do you do it for?"

Tubby insisted the 'Cats not sporting the flag on their jerseys did not indicate, his thoughts and prayers were elsewhere.

"We honor our troops with the Star Spangled Banner," Smith explained. "Everyone in Rupp Arena understands that we're honoring them every time we go out on the court."

"Everybody's hoping we can get out of all of those Middle Eastern countries and bring our family and friends and troops back home.

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