All Eyes on the 'Big Baby'

Saturday marks the first time the Wildcats will face off against one of the most highly recruited dual sport stars from a year ago in Glen Davis. At 300+ pounds, perhaps nobody is as tough of a player to have to defend then Davis.

When he was in high school, "Big Baby" Glen Davis was everything and more at two sports - football and basketball. But when it came down to making a decision, it didn't take a long drawn out process. In fact, it was not a hard choice at all for the Baton Rouge (La.) native.

My heart is on the court," Davis said. "That's where it's always been."

"I don't think he cares for the sport," Ari Fisher, his high school coach said of football. "That's what comes out of his mouth. He loves basketball. He sees himself as a basketball player. He only plays football a couple months out of the year."

And despite being ranked a top 5 defensive tackle coming out of LSU Laboratory School a year ago, Davis moved from the field to the hardwood with relative easy, garnering the attention of high major schools across the country before deciding on his hometown favorite LSU to stay closer to his mother and help the transition to the next level.

That alleged transition has been everything but difficult from the outset. Told he needed to lose pounds to compete, Davis instead added weight to his 310 pound frame and instead worked on his low post quickness. Using his size to his advantage, the young freshmen offered up one of the finest performances of this young season, starring in an overtime victory over Arkansas with a 26 point, 18 rebound performance this past Wednesday. The performance sent shock waves through the conference.

"He does everything," Kentucky coach Tubby Smith said. "I've seen him put in on the floor, shoot jump shots. At 310 lbs, he's a unique, very gifted athlete."

"He creates all kinds of matchup problems because he has that kind of combination of speed and agility and power."

Davis doesn't do anything particularly well, but does everything above average. He can score, he can shoot, he can defend and he does all this by utilizing his greatest given attribute - his size.

"At this level, he reminds me of a Stanley Roberts," Coach Smith said. "Stanley was taller at 6-11, but Glen reminds me a lot of Stanley Roberts, who was around 300 lbs. and had the ability, soft touch, great hands. I was at South Carolina at the time and we were trying to recruit him. Then we had to play against him. I thought he was a unique specimen."

Chuck Hayes will get an up close and personal look at the one they call, "Big Baby," this Saturday in Rupp. "He has an advantage on me with his size and I have an advantage on him with my quickness," Hayes said, "we will see who uses it the best."

One thing is for sure, Wildcat fans and Hayes alike better not get caught staring at the specimen, whom looks a step away from a heart attack.

"Actually, I saw film and he is more athletic than I thought," Hayes said. "I just heard LSU had this big 300 pound kid coming. 300 pounds, you aren't expecting a kid to move so well, but I saw the film and that fella can move."

That he can and that he will against UK. If the Wildcats aren't ready, another bad start could prove costly this weekend.

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