UK-LSU: Tubby Smith Quotes

Comments from Coach Tubby Smith following the Wildcats victory over LSU ...

Orlando Tubby Smith

"I thought we came and played one of our better games today. I thought we were focused and ready. We had good balance in our attack and everybody that played contributed in some form or fashion.

"Certainly, LSU is a very good team. We went to that zone there at the end and I thought we kept them at bay some because we had a lot of trouble trying to guard the guys inside. Although, looking at the stats, we did a pretty good job against their front line of Brandon Bass and Glen Davis, which was our biggest concern."

"I like the way our guys are starting to come together and playing hard, executing. When you hold a team to 33 percent, you've done a good job."

On the bench play …
"I was very pleased with the way our guys came off the bench from Ravi (Moss) to Ramel (Bradley). Ramel is a little dizzy again because he fell and hit his head again and that's why he couldn't come back in the game. He's really played well, creating off the dribble, making shots and making his free throws. Bobby Perry has given us a big lift off the bench. Shagari (Alleyne), with his a presence inside, I thought he, and Joe (Crawford) played well. I was happy for those guys. When they can come in and give us that type of play off the bench, it gives the first team a chance to come back with a little more energy. I thought you saw that. We got the proper rest for Kelenna (Azubuike) and Patrick (Sparks) and Rajon (Rondo). Randolph was in foul trouble again, but he didn't foul out. I thought he played well today as well. We try to develop the bench and that's something we've done over the years. It's starting to pay dividends."

On the return of Joe Crawford
"He's been playing well in practice. He's been shooting the ball well in practice. He sat out a game and has been doing some things extra, but he's back on the team now. Just like anything else, you have to forgive and move on. I appreciate the fans, they were very receptive. Our team has been good to him, so he's back. He showed today what he's capable of doing. Hopefully he can continue that."

On Bobby Perry's ability to move without the ball …
"We've been working on that hard. Bobby understands – 16 minutes is the most minutes he's played this year. He's starting to get a lot better, getting stronger and understanding our system better. He's kind of settled in to playing the four spot. I think that's been a big help. We had been trying to play him both at the small forward and power forward. He moves well without the ball and he has the athleticism and quickness. He's just a sophomore and this is when guys really start to understand our system."

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