UK-LSU: Jon Brady Quotes

Comments and Quotes from Saturday's loss against Kentucky by LSU coach ...

LSU Head Coach John Brady

Opening Statement
"We gave up too many easy baskets off of our turnovers tonight --17 points off turnovers in the first half and 29 for the game. We can't do that, particularly against Kentucky. You can't get back and set your defense if you allow them to have 29 points in a game off of your turnovers. There's not a whole lot in between your turnovers that's going to put your team in a position to win. We got to the foul line well, shot a little less than they did from the free-throw line, and got to the boards with 17 offensive rebounds. I said coming up here that if our perimeter could hold up and help us out that we were going to be okay. We just didn't get a lot of help from our perimeter. It was just inconsistent play from our guys on the perimeter. When they can just bear down and not respect our outside game, it makes it difficult for us to score. In spite of all that, we still had the game to eight with about 12 or 13 minutes to go, and in a matter of three or four minutes, we let it just slip away again. When we've played poorly, it's because our defensive transition is not where it needs to be to beat quality teams. When we had it against South Carolina and Ohio State, we've played well, but also in those games we've had our perimeter guys make some shots. [Rupp Arena] is a tough place to play. We have only three guys who have played here before and it was a little difficult for us. I thought Kentucky played well, they made shots and Patrick Sparks really got them going by making some threes along the way. I thought we did a good job on [Kentucky senior Chuck] Hayes and their perimeter really out-played our guys and therein lied the difference in the game. They were just too good for us today."

On Kentucky's press late in the game…
"I don't think that it was the press that turned us over. I think it was Tubby's intention to keep the press on us the whole time. We couldn't really get into a rhythm with our offense. I don't think the press turned us over into 29 points, it just wore us out as we went along. I don't think the press was why we couldn't make it a game in the last 10 minutes. Really, I think it was the transition baskets that we gave up. We weren't executing in the half-court and we didn't transition back well enough."

On Kentucky making 11-of-20 three-point shots…
"I think that a lot of Kentucky's threes came in transition. Patrick Sparks hit about three or four threes where he wasn't even covered. I think that with Kentucky playing at home, that helped with their three-point shooting. Playing on the road, it's sometimes hard to make threes. We go home and knock down threes, so I think there is something to that. We just didn't get back well enough to guard that."

On the inside presence of Kentucky's Shagari Alleyne
"We didn't get back enough a couple of times to guard him, but Shagari's just long. He had a couple of put-backs in the basket. He had four baskets in the game, and he really just bothered us. Glen Davis had a hard time moving on him or trying to score on him. We've just got to adjust. He made it hard for us to get an angle at the basket."

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