Back from Tuscaloosa

Quinton Wesley is a quick, speed rush defensive end out of Atlanta, GA. Wesley has tripped to three SEC schools in the past three weeks. He has been to Kentucky, Mississippi State and is coming off a trip to Alabama. What were his thoughts on his trip to Tuscaloosa?

"It went pretty good", said Quinton Wesley. "My host was Le'Ron McClain and he was pretty cool. I liked the players there. They all get along and are cool guys. I also like the facilities. They are very nice. It was a good trip overall."

Is Wesley ready to name one of these SEC teams as his leader?

"Nah, not yet. Right now, they are still even. My top three are Alabama, Mississippi State and Kentucky."

What stands out about these three?

Alabama: "I like how things are ran there by coach Shula and I really like the defensive end coach (Randolph)"

Mississippi State: "Coach Croom has it feeling like a big family down there and I can see things changing for the better there."

Kentucky: "I know I can go in and play early there and help turn the defense around."

It looks like it will be one of these three for Quinton Wesley, but he hasn't ruled out one more visit next weekend…

"I haven't decided yet, but I am probably done. If I take a visit, it will be Purdue, Ole Miss or Illinois."

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