UK's Five Most Underrated Commitments

An in-depth look at the Cats' most underrated commitments in the 2005 recruiting class.

#5. DE Ventrell Jenkins
The Wildcat nation doesn't know much about Ventrell Jenkins, but that's only because they haven't had much time to get to know him. The recent commitment is a load on the end and has not only gained weight in the shoulders but has really grown in size according to his coach. The 'Cats were in desperate need of an impact defensive end and while Jenkins may not get here until January of 2006, he's definitely the type of athlete worth taking a risk on. Don't let the reference to South Carolina State fool you, Jenkins is a man amongst boys and will be a player for UK if he gets a chance to wear blue and white. SC State gets the best of the bunch that don't have a chance to qualify and for UK to garner a second chance at a kid that is one point away is extremely lucky.

#4. DB Michael Schwindel
Schwindel ended his football career with 22 interceptions, a school record, and Top 10 in Kentucky high school history. He's tall, he's lean and the boy can hit. His biggest gripe was his speed and after a summer in which he improved his forty-time through speed camp, Schwindel is ready for the next level. The 'Cats have been literally obsessed with Schwindel, offering him as early as last March, in order to garner his signature. For the staff to be as high as they are on a kid, shows you what type of talent they expect Schwindel to become.

#3. LB Braxton Kelly
Kelly had a junior season that saw him rack up over 100 solo tackles with 19 tackles for loss and 13 sacks, leading the LaGrange Grangers in tackles. That's no small trait when your teammate is the nation's number one linebacker - Tray Blackmon. Kelly is undersized, but he's fast and lean. If he can pick up the system early, he could be an impact linebacker. He's a head hunter, a trait the 'Cats desperately need, and someone whom loves to mix it up anywhere on the field. Expect him to compete for playing time almost immediately as Coach Steve Pardue's kids are not only mature, but are ready to compete when they hit campus.

#2. DL Sefo Mailau
At 6-foot-4, 285 pounds perhaps no defensive lineman was more of a need than Mailau. This talented two-way player can go both sides of the line for UK at the next level and has a tremendous mean streak to him that makes on-lookers cringe. At his size, he can plug the middle as a run-stopper and his quick footed forty-yard dash, shows you the type of athleticism he still has with the weight. Nobody's got a bigger uncertainty heading to Lexington based on the state he came out of and the competition he faced, but perhaps nobody could quite the naysayers faster then this fire plug at defensive tackle. He's gonna finally get his opportunity to shine and get the attention he deserves at a big school.

#1. DB David Jones
It's easy to forget, but commitment #1, could turn out to be the Wildcats best pick up as David Jones fits the need at defensive back that the Wildcats were desperately craving. Jones has never wavered from his commitment to UK and the Wildcats royally need him to qualify and head to campus immediately. At 5'10, Jones is not the biggest thing, but his quickness and speed is something the Cats are in dire need of in the secondary, especially if Owensboro native Bo Smith can't play next fall. Add the fact that Jones is already one of the most physically mature specimen to ever enroll at UK, makes it a match made in heaven. When this chisled freshmen heads to campus in the fall, expect the masses to fall in love on first sight.

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