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Because of his ability, 16-year-old Thaddeus Young has become one of the most highly sought after players in the entire country. Coaches covet the 6-8 junior from Memphis (Tenn.) Mitchell for his polished offensive game and ability to make those around him better.

On the season he's averaging 24 points and 13 rebounds while leading his team to a 19-3 record and is an engaging kid willing to talk about just about anything. However, one thing he doesn't like to talk about is a school list and Young won't give a list.

"I'm not saying anything right now, I'm just playing it (recruiting) by ear," Young told InsideCarolina. "I'll probably try to narrow it down before the next season or at the end of the summer."

Young did admit that schools like Connecticut, Florida, Stanford, North Carolina, Kansas, Arkansas, Alabama and several others have been in to see him play this winter, but he's focused on what he's doing on the court.

Most of all, Young is actually disappointed in his team's performance and feels that they should be undefeated at this point. All he cares about is winning and while his talents suggest that he has a very bright future on the next level -- which Young insists will be college "I try not to think about the NBA yet" -- on the wing, he's willing to play anywhere on the court.

"That's just me, if the coach tells me to play the five I'll play it," said Young. "If he wants me to play the point guard, then I'll do that too. I just want to play."

Although he wouldn't say whether or not they would be on his final list or if he'd give them a visit, Young did verify that he has a scholarship offer from North Carolina. He also admitted that he could see himself playing there, but then again he could see himself playing at a lot of schools.

"I think it (UNC) is a great school that I could go to," said Young. "I can see myself playing there just like I could see myself playing at any other school. It's like every time I try to imagine playing for one coach, I start thinking about how I would play for other coaches. I think I can adjust to any style someone plays.

While he eyes a state championship and guards his feeling about which schools he's most interested in, Young will continue to consider North Carolina and is looking to learn more about Roy Williams.

"I haven't had the chance to have any long conversations and really get to know him yet," said Young. "I have had some short conversations though and will talk to him again."

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