Can the 'Cats go undefeated?

Monday's teleconference had a similar tone from the week prior.

Oh how well are those 'Cats playing?

"I think they are significantly better than the first time we played them," Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings said Monday. "Their depth is more confident and their bench is much better. Rondo continues to grow and get better throughout the season. He has done a great job. As he continues to grow, they continue to get better. They are a much better team than when we played them earlier in the season."

The sentiment around the league seems to agree, as SEC coaches across the league continue to find the right medicine to ruin another perfect league run.

"The first thing, you give Kentucky and Tubby Smith credit," South Carolina coach Dave Odom said a few weeks earlier. "They have done a better job than the other teams in our league in being a total program."

Odom sites Kentucky's commitment to the road as a reason for their continued dominance in league play.

"The commitment that the rest of us need to make is that championships are won on the road not at home," Odom said. "It's a given they (Kentucky) are going to win at home, but that they will win and compete on the road. The rest of us look at it as we are almost whipped before we go on the road. We've got to change our mentality in this league."

Coach Dennis Felton seemingly agrees that the Wildcats chances of going undefeated improve with each passing week.

"I think it is realistic," Felton said of Kentucky's chances of going undefeated. "Kentucky has been that type of team in this league forever. They have routinely had the type of team and coaching that could possibly run the table."

"Coach Smith does an incredible job of coaching them and they have as much talent as anyone in the league. I wouldn't say it is beyond the realm of possibility."

With the weekend games concluding and the slaughter of Alabama still present in the minds of many Wildcat fans, whose to say the 'Cats can't claim a second undefeated season in three years?

"The word to use with them is solid," Tennessee coach Buzz Peterson said. "They don't make many mistakes and they defend very well. They are just solid. Their younger guys have gotten some experience and a lot of it is excellent coaching. They have had some leaders and they understand that winning at Kentucky is very important."

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