"Woo" Makes Most of His Chance

An unexpected player arrived into the game for Tubby Smith and the Wildcats, and much to the surprise of many Wildcat fans, it wasn't what many expected.

Lukasz Orbzut has been patiently waiting for another chance, and finally got it during Tubby Smith's first substitution - much to the surprise of many Wildcat fans

"I've been practicing as hard as I can and doing what I'm supposed to do," Orbzut said. "I've just been looking for my chance."

He recieved his chance and made the most of it, coming from behind on a fast-break and taking a picture perfect pass from Freshmen Ramel Bradley and turning it into two of his four points.

"Ramel and I are on the same team in practice," Orbzut said. "You can tell he looks for everyone on the floor but today he was able to find me."

Bradley and Orbzut would team up again on the next play down, in which Orbzut was fouled. He then subsequently did what many UK post players have not been able to do this season - he knocked down 2 free-throws with relative ease.

Afterwards, Tubby Smith was pleased with how his second team performed coming off the bench to save the starters in the first half. That first half group included Orbzut.

"They did a great job," Smith said. "They outscored (Georgia) 14-2 or 16-2 and did a great job for us."

Without Orbzut, the second group just didn't seem as productive.

"The second half it was quite the opposite," Smith said. "It wasn't one particular player or one group, it was just the whole team didn't seem to have the focus they should have."

"Everyone was mentally down," Orbzut said after his four point performance. "We kept pushing ourselves to do better and better, but we just couldn't find a way to score."

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