Jonas Murrell to Walk-On?

One name that almost became legendary this past summer was Marion County's Defensive Lineman Jonas Murrell. After a strong camp performance at the University of Miami (FL) earned him the "top defensive lineman award," many thought he was destined for stardom and for college football's elite.

Unfortunately for Murrell and the masses that believed his performance would get him the attention he desired, they would be sadly mistaken.

"It didn't go the way that I thought it would go, that's for sure," Jonas Murrell said. "I thought somebody would offer me by now but it looks like I'm probably gonna end up walking on somewhere, instead."

At 6-foot-2 and 310 pounds, the Lebanon (Ky.) Marion Co. defensive lineman was considered to be a hot commodity after a strong camp performance at the University of Miami (FL), but colleges didn't bite.

"I thought my performance this summer would get me an offer somewhere," Murrell stated. "I'm not sure what I am gonna do right now."

Not all has been lost for the dual sport star, who also plays basketball and runs track (4x1, shot-45, and discus-135) for Marion County, as Murrell has been offered a preferred walk-on at the University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky.

"They called and said they would like me to walk-on," Murrell stated. "Joker Phillips has said that from the beginning, but I would prefer to go to Louisville over Kentucky."

Murrell has contacted the University of Louisville and Bobby Petrino about walking on, but the Cardinals have been non-committal to this point.

"They told me to get back with them this week and I called, but I haven't heard back from them," Murrell said. "That's where I would like to go. I hope they offer me a walk-on, because I like them more then everybody else."

And if the Cardinals don't offer a walk-on chance? "I'll probably go to Western," Murrell answered. "I'd rather go there, to be honest, instead of UK."

Whomever garners the talents of Murrell will be getting a good kid, whom has proven himself against some impressive competition. Said Murrell after his camp performance last summer; "I was just hoping to go down there and hopefully learn a few things and see where I stacked up against good competition. The Miami coaches knew nothing about me before the camp and then I walked out of there with the award for top defensive lineman. I was real happy about that."

"I remember in the beginning when we separated into groups for the drills," he said. "They took the younger kids into one group and then took all the older guys in a group. One guy (player) said to me I should go in the group with the young guys. I dont know why he said that or who he was. I didn't say anything back. I just went out and it motivated me. At the end of camp, I didn't hear him when I was winning the award."

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