One-on-One with Micah Johnson, Part II

Will their be 3 members from the Johnson family headed to UK?

The Wildcats might garner the commitment from another Johnson before the year ends, according to brother, Micah Johnson of Fort Campbell.

Said Micah in a recent update with GoBlueWolverine: "My brother Christian just signed with Kentucky in this class," he said. "I have another brother at a junior college in California. Kentucky said they are looking at him and are about to offer. Having two brothers at Kentucky will have some impact on my decision."

Monday night we followed up the comments made by Micah in part two of our one-on-one with the odds on favorite to be the #1 player in the state of Kentucky.

The son of a lieutenant cornel, Micah is the youngest of three children. His two older brothers - Christian and Lethanial - are special athletes as well.

His brother Christian signed to play recently with the University of Kentucky and while Micah said it won't be the only factor playing in his decision, having his older brother at UK is going to play some sort of role.

"Yes, sir," the linebacker/defensive end prospect said. "It will definitely play a part of the decision. We are a very tight knit group and family. Me and my brothers are very close and it will definitely be something to think about for myself, having my older brother up there."

Micah said that Christian is very excited about heading to Lexington; "Oh yes sir," Micah said, "my brother's Big Blue through and through. He's always been a Wildcat fan. He's very excited about heading to Kentucky next year."

Many have already speculated that Micah might change positions at the next level. From linebacker to defensive end to even, fullback, Micah Johnson is being recruited by everyone.

We asked Micah if that was going to play a significant role in his decision making process. "It will play a factor because alot of schools look at me and see how big I am and immediately think that maybe I should be playing on the defensive line. I would like to at least get a shot at linebacker."

"In the end, what's most important is where I can best compete and get on the playing field."

As for who is recruiting Micah as a linebacker - "Almost everybody right now except for one or two schools," Johnson said. "Tennessee just offered me as a linebacker."

Part 3 will examine Micah's relationship with Kentucky and whether or not UK will play a factor in his decision, as well as Johnson's plans for the summer.

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