UK-USC: Dave Odom Quotes

South Carolina coach comments on his upset victory over Kentucky ...

South Carolina coach Dave Odom Quotes

"Antoine Tisby had two excellent practices this week -- Sunday and Monday. He invigorates our lineup when he wants to. He certainly delivered tonight I don't know of a player on our team that I have more confidence in right now than Rocky Trice. Right now, he is indeed a "rock." He makes good decisions. He's not afraid. We tried to alternate our defenses. I will say that Kentucky did not have their best night tonight. I think we may have had something to do with that. But, obviously, Kentucky wasn't on top of its game tonight. That's the great thing about college basketball. It's a great game. The best team doesn't always win on a given night. If you don't give the game its full respect, it can make you pay. I thought it was important that we get our team to re-focus after the loss to Auburn Saturday. Kentucky gets your attention no matter what the stakes are."

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