Dave Telep's views on Brumbaugh, Barr and Echefu

With so much focus an attention on Jared Carter this past week, it can be easy to overlook that there are still a number of solid players out there in this year's senior class whose names have been associated with Kentucky. I caught up with Dave Telep to get his perspective on three of those players.

One such player is 6-8, 260 lb.  Jeremy Barr from Westbury Christian in Texas.  Barr is solid fundamentally and improving though Telep isn't sure about Kentucky's level of interest, "Kentucky may or may not have any real interest in Barr," Telep said, "to my knowledge they have not been in contact with him much.  Recently he scheduled visits to Texas Tech and Colorado.   He has big hands and is doing better now that Westbury Christian is running their offense through him. He had been more of a defensive player.  He would be a solid rotation player for Kentucky but there are guys out there still that coach Smith would probably have more interest in signing. I doubt Jeremy would be their first option."

Keith Brumbaugh, the 6-8 forward from Deland, TX. is another player still available that has been on Kentucky's radar.   "He is having just a monster senior season," Telep noted, "I think it was a huge oversight for him to have been passed over as a McDonald's All-American."  But as well as he is playing, recruiting Brumbaugh is not an easy thing.  If he continues to play as well as he has, he could be a player that makes the jump to the next level right away, "And then there is academic concerns as well with Keith," Telep added, "it's a tough situation to be in if you're a coach.  Do you put a lot of effort into a guy that might not play college ball? Florida State is really going after him hard."  Brumbaugh is a multi-facted player.  He is a hard-nosed player that can shoot outside but also has the speed to blow past a defender.

Uche Echefu is another outstanding prospect yet to make a committment, and he does not appear close.  His list of suitors reads like the "Who's who" of college basketball.  The 6-8 forward from Montrose Christian high school in Maryland has a style of play that college coaches love, "Uche is ahead of the curve and will be ready for the college game right away," Telep said, "He is very physical and strong. He rebounds really well.  He is a no-brainer to recruit - a guy that can play inside or outside.   Defensively, he is a great rebounder and while he is not a natural shot blocker he will get you that occasional block."  And while it has been rumored that Echefu may trim his list to UK and Michigan, Telep does not believe it - not any time real soon, "I don't think we'll see a list trimmed down that far in the real near future.   Echefu is a very good student and will be interested in the right academic programs as well as the right fit in an athletic program.  And there are a lot of good academic schools on his list. I think it is just going to take some time."

Dave Telep is a national recruiting analyst for Scout.com.   Check back later this week for details on a live chat with Dave here on Kentucky Sports Report.

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