Dave Telep chats with UK fans about UK targets

Dave Telep answered questions in KSR's chat room concerning recruiting targets that have been associated with Kentucky. Transcript enclosed.

The following is a chat transcript of Dave Telep's chat with Kentucky fans, March 15.

Harley4KY::  do we have any chance with Durant? 

freshshava:: I'm skipping my agricultural issues class to chat with DT....lol

Dave Telep:: In regards to Durant: sure, you've got a chance but keep it in perspective: NBA looms large, this will be elite level recruiting battle. ELITE LEVEL

Dave Telep:: Never liked ag classes either!

freshshava:: I'm an ag major

freshshava:: lol

RainmanKSR:: how much do you know about Kone, Dave

ivan25:: i want Thaddeus Young!

Harley4KY:: Do you like Carter and UNC or UK

Dave Telep:: Not much. However, i spoke with a coach that is recruiting him and there is no doubt that he could come in and contribute at a major college. Remember this, the juco ranks have been crushed by prep schools so the level of ball has slipped. this is a kid who can get minutes for a high major program but i wouldn't think he's a star

freshshava:: It seems that Echefu is becoming more of a target for UK, Is this because there is nobody left in the 2005 class or will Echefu be an instant contributer?

Dave Telep:: I am a Carter fan. We'll have footage of him on "Countdown To Signing Day" on Fox Sports South (6:30ET) Wednesday night. Now, UK has a situation where the frontcourt will look crowded to him. However, mom wants him to stay home. We'll see!

RainmanKSR:: Many people think Carter is all but a lock for UNC? That Carter himself wants UNC but parents want UK. Comment?

Dave Telep:: I still think UK has work to do to become a MAJOR player with Uche. They had a meeting yesterday but we don't know the results yet. What is likely to happen is that list gets pared this week and programs will come in and do in homes with him once the period opens back up in April. We'll know this week if UK gets invited in. Again, they are battling having bodies in their frontcourt.

ivan25:: Dave of all 205 pf's we missed out on which one do you think will be the biggesr force in college next year? I think it will be Tas Mitchell!

Dave Telep:: I think Carter probably sees more opportunity to play as a (soph?) at UNC than maybe at UK but the pull to UK is strong and like I said before, MOM wants him home.

freshshava:: Since the regular season of College Basketball is over, are there any freshman that really surprised you with how well they played for their college choice?

Dave Telep:: I truly believed that Tasmin was the key to a title because he's a big time winner. Always has been. He's not the best PF in the nation but with UK's talent I thought he brought the intangible of winning. He's such a competitor. Hansbrough would have been pretty tight too.

Dave Telep:: I was a little surpised that Toney Douglas' game translated so well in college. he was a volume shooter in high school and i guess Auburn really needed to score and he did big time. That was somewhat of a surprise to me. He's been terrific.

ivan25:: I would have loved to landed Mitchell but it would have been hard to get him out of Louisiana!

ivan25:: I agree Dave!

Dave Telep:: In the last 6 years, the only prospect LSU has missed (and really wanted) out of LA has been Chris Duhon.

freshshava:: How about Adam Williams?   Have you had the opportunity to see or hear about his performance at his prep school?  Will he be a solid player for UK?

ivan25:: They are producing alot of stars down there now days!

Harley4KY:: B. Wright  nba or uk, and nba 20 rule think it will happen??

Dave Telep:: Have not seen him in prep school. I think he's a program guy and don't expect much of a contribution from him in terms of major minutes or points.

Dave Telep:: I still think the 20 year old rule is going to be tough to pass and in the end the union bargains it away. From my perspective, it speaks volumes that Duke and UNC got him on campus for huge games this early. That means UK has to get him on campus this spring IMO .. he really likes UK but those schools convincing him to come down for unofficials says a lot to me at this point. Just my 2 cents.

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ivan25:: Dave i dont mean to put you on the spot but do you think Tubby is a good recruiter compared to the coach k's and Roy Williams of college bball?

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freshshava:: IF Brandan Wright comes to Lexington for a visit, does he like UK enough that he might commit during his visit if Hanson really sold him on Tubby?

Dave Telep:: I don't like getting into "who's better" comparisons but i'll say this: Roy Williams has a serious passion for recruiting. He loves doing it as much as any high major coach i've ever seen. It's like a high level hobby for him. Tubby, IMO, is outstanding in the home. His strength is 1-on-1 situations because he's such an outstanding presence and has great character which is very appealing. Different than Williams in how he goes about it, but has definite strengths.

ivan25:: Thanks Dave.

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Harley4KY:: Who are the pure shooters in 06 and does UK have a chance with them??

Dave Telep:: Brandan Wright didn't commit on his visits to Duke or UNC so I can see no reason why he would reach a decision while visiting any other program. His situation won't happen that way. he's one of the all time high profile kids in TN. That means press conference, major media coverage with all the trimmings: also, the new UT coach is going to make a HUGE push for him. They have to.

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Dave Telep:: Pure shooters in 2006? Well, regardless of UK interest, the best ones i know of are Scottie Reynolds, Jon Scheyer, DJ Augustin, Daequan Cook and maybe Isaiah Dahlman.

Dave Telep:: Thad Young out of Memphis can stroke it too.

freshshava:: What do you know about Kemp from the 2006 class?

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Dave Telep:: Kemp is a scoring point man. He's a good player and guy that will need to be evaluated. He's probably not a guy UK offers in the immediate future but one to watch as the busy AAU season unfolds.

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Dave Telep:: KEMP is the AAU teammate of one Thaddeus Young and he most certainly is an early offer guy!

freshshava:: What is your opinion on why Tubby has struck out on finding a  replacement for Chuck Hayes? 

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Harley4KY:: What about  Semaru? spell???

Dave Telep:: how do you replace Chuck Hayes? Who knew the kind of intangibles he would bring to the table? What you are going to see is UK's 2006 forward list expand in the spring. They'll chase a few guys for two weeks in April and by the end of the month a complete listing of guys will emerge. In that group you'll find PFs and maybe even a "replacement" for C Hayes.

Dave Telep:: Semrau is different than Hayes. He's much more perimeter oriented. I think he's a guy who with a strong April could warrant an offer. Schools are going to want to see him rebound the basketball and be strong inside. They know he can shoot it but they want to see him round out his game. He knows this and understands that's an area of emphasis. We'll see how he responds in April

freshshava:: What is the relationship between Thaddeus Young and UK?  Does Young have a lot of interest in UK?

Dave Telep:: I have no inside info on this other than a hunch that this guy develops into a serious HIGH MAJOR recruit in April. He's not a jumper to the draft but a  Top 30 prospect: Bryan Davis out of Grand Prairie,  TX; watch for his name!

freshshava:: How many do you predict will enter the draft from the 2005 class?  and 2006?

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Dave Telep:: T Young consistently mentions UK in conversation. He'll try to trim his list in the next two months to five. I think UK is a major player.

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Dave Telep:: 3-6 will enter draft from 2005 (L. Williams, M. Ellis, A. Blatche, G. Green are virtual locks)

Dave Telep:: Now, in 2006 hold onto your hats. As many as 8-12 could wind up trying their luck with the draft.

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