LEMOND: UK's 3-headed monster to play a role

So how does UK stop Bogut? Simple - use their "3-headed monster"!

As soon as Kentucky had beaten Cincinnati in the second round of the NCAA basketball tournament, the UK players were asked about Utah.

One of the first words out of their mouths was "Bogut".

Andrew Bogut is Utah's big sophomore center. He's 7-feet tall. He's averaging over 20 points and over 12 rebounds a game. He was named first-team All-American, and is projected to be one of the top picks in this year's NBA draft.

So how does UK stop him? Simple - use their "3-headed monster"!

Tubby Smith has the luxury of using "3" big man to try and stop Bogut - Randolph Morris, Shagari Alleyne, and Lukasz Obrzut. That's 15 fouls!

Morris is coming off the first double-double of his UK basketball career scoring 11 points and grabbing 12 rebounds.

Now that Alleyne is out of the "academic doghouse", he is capable of providing quality minutes. He played 9 minutes against Cincinnati, that was the most he had played in nearly a month.

The key though may be Obrzut. Although he didn't play a lot against Cincinnati, Woo's minutes have dramatically increased while Alleyne was in "academic purgatory".

"I wasn't frustrated," Obrzut said. "You never can give up or say 'I can't do it'. If you can't do it then why are you doing it?"

Obrzut may be able to provide the muscle to cause Bogut to have some problems, especially if Morris gets into foul trouble and has to go to the bench.

"When coach puts me in, he wants me to go in, run the floor, grab some rebounds, set screens, go back to the bench, rest, and get ready to go back in," Woo said.

When Obrzut wasn't playing earlier this season, he says he wasn't frustrated.

"I just tried to pick it up from practice or film or ask the coach, 'What I need to do to get better and play?' Coach told me and I executed on the practice floor."

UK basketball fans hope everyone can execute the game plan to stop Bogut and the Utes.

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