TIREY: Rekalin Sims enjoys visit with UK Staff

Kentucky Sports Report's Jim Tirey spoke with Rekalin Sims after his visit with Tubby Smith this weekend.

Kentucky basketball wasn't the only thing Rekalin Sims was impressed by on his visit to the University of Kentucky this weekend. "We went to Keeneland while I was there," said Sims. "Of course, I walked in with Tubby Smith. And we got all the attention. There were 25,000 people there and we were the center of attention. It was beautiful there." Sims is a 6'8", 205 pound power forward from Salt Lake Community College in Utah, who is in the middle of a whirlwind recruiting battle, since being named first team junior college all-American last week.

Sims was making his official visit to the UK campus and was also blown away by the Kentucky basketball team. "Kentucky is a special place," said Sims. "I've never experienced anything like that before. [Kelenna] Azubuike and Ravi [Moss] were my hosts, and they really showed me a good time. I got along with all the players and felt really comfortable."

Does that translate into him coming to Kentucky or was an offer made? Not just yet, according to Sims. When asked if an offer was made, Sims said, "Pretty much. They didn't say as much, but they let me know they wanted me there. Tubby said they were losing Chuck [Hayes] and Azubuike and they needed me. They made it clear that they wanted me to come." So what's holding him back? He made a promise to visit one more school. "I made a promise to Texas A & M that I would visit. I will visit them next week. But I'm really leaning toward Kentucky. I may make up my mind before then."

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