Jordan Classic Review

NEW YORK CITY – When every possession matters down the stretch in Madison Square Garden, you tend to have some memorable moments. The Jordan Classic had that as overtime seemed imminent with both teams going back and forth and then suddenly a surprising finish.

Gray team MVP Tyler Hansbrough was active as usual with a strong effort coming on the heels of a big Hoop Summit performance and White team MVP Andray Blatche was the effective player that he had to be for his draft status in what was his third All-American game.

Martell Webster and Louis Williams also played to a point where the NBA talk isn’t going away, whereas Keith Brumbaugh didn’t have the game he would have translated to bettering a possible jump to the league.

Michael Jordan himself, Vince Carter, Jamal Crawford, and college stars Chris Paul, Rashad McCants, Rudy Gay, Jarrett Jack, Justin Gray all were courtside for the game. Jordan Brand members Terell Owens and Marvin Harrison, as well as Spike Lee, also showed up in support of the game. They got themselves a good one as the final minutes were even more back-and-forth than that of the McDonald’s game.

The White was up 116-101 with just over five minutes remaining but the Gray went on a 15-3 run to cut into the gap. With 1:30 remaining, it was now a 119-116 game.

The Gray team kept coming with Levance Fields scoring part of his 18 second half points on back-to-back buckets. Louis Williams then tried drawing contact on a three-pointer but didn’t get the call. On the next possession he redeemed himself by spotting up in the corner and hitting a triple, bringing the Gray within 1 point, 124-123.

Tiki Mayben took it up the floor for the White and found Lewis Clinch for a lay-up, bringing the White back up three.

So with the game on the line, the Gray surprisingly went for two instead of three. They also got two breaks that turned the game into their hands in the following seconds.

CJ Miles hit a jumper with nine seconds remaining, and he was fouled on the score. Miles now went to the line with a chance to tie the game. With his team down 126-125, Miles missed the free throw, but it was the White’s Blatche that gave the Gray the lead as he tipped the ball into the Gray basket during the rebound battle with Hansbrough.

The White had nine seconds to pull back in front or send the game into overtime. Mayben brought the ball up the floor again and instead of dishing, he drove to the rim and drew a foul with three seconds left on the clock.

In the bonus, Mayben went to the line for two shots. The first shot missed and he heard it from the Gray players positioned to rebound. And with the second shot attempt to tie the game at 127-127, Mayben missed again. The White was forced to foul and after Gray missed the free throw, Blatche’s full court football pass didn’t reach the rim.

Team Notes

Gray – 127 Tyler Hansbrough - Line: 9-17 FG, 24 pts, 9 rbs, 22 mins CJ Miles - Line: 7-16, 16 pts, 23 mins: Magnum Rolle- 3-8, 7 pts, 10 rbs, 22 mins: Levance Fields - 7-16, 18 pts, 25 mins: Louis Williams - 8-17, 20 points, 23 mins: Shawne Williams - 6-11, 15 pts, 6 rbs, 19 mins Devan Downey: 2-9, 6 pts, 6 ass, 19 mins Andrew Bynum - 6-9, 13 pts, 5 rbs, 15 mins Kevin Rogers: 2-6, 4 pts, 3 rbs, 15 mins Julian Wright: 2-7, 4 pts, 4 steals, 17 mins

White – 126

  • Richard Hendrix - 3-6, 9 pts, 11 rbs, 26 mins
  • Martell Webster: 7-13, 22 pts, 27 mins
  • Andray Blatche: 12-17, 26 pts, 16 rbs, 28 mins
  • Micah Downs: 4-7, 11 pts, 4 rbs, 24 mins
  • Mike Mercer: 8-10, 19 pts, 9 ass, 24 mins
  • Lewis Clinch: 4-7, 13 pts, 16 mins
  • Eric Boateng: 1-5, 3 pts, 3 blocks, 14 mins
  • Tiki Mayben: 4-8, 13 pts, 7 ass, 5 rbs, 7 turnovers, 15 mins
  • Keith Brumbaugh: 3-5, 6 pts, 13 mins
  • Jon Brockman: 2-4, 4 pts, 13 mins

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