TELEP: Larry Davis, SG, weighs options

Larry Davis must have turned in one outstanding weekend because he's the flavor of the week with the college coaches. The 6-foot-3 guard out of Christ the King in New York talks about his recruitment with

“I have no favorites with anyone right now,” Larry Davis said. “I’m just checking my options.”

The statement is not surprising coming on the heels of a weekend at the Charlie Weber that had college assistants scrambling to get more information about him and his game.

Lacing them up for Team Odom, the Class of 2006 guard opened the eyes of many in attendance. How’d he pull it off?

“They didn’t know that I could rebound, make plays for others and get assists,” the shooting guard said. “I was just playing my normal game; I guess no one saw [until then] what I can do on the court.”

They know now. Schools that have always been recruiting him have turned up the heat. N.C. State came in this week, Pittsburgh drops by on Tuesday and so does Villanova. They are joined on a long list by UConn, Syracuse, Georgetown, Boston College, Seton Hall, Notre Dame, Kansas, Illinois and St. John’s.

To get his ear, Davis wants to see who commits themselves to recruiting him all out. “Whoever comes at me the hardest out of those choice [gets me]. I’m going to see who wants me the most. They’ll call my coaches or Bob Oliva. Whoever sends me mail and comes up to my open gym.”

Davis said he’s more comfortable in the role of shooting guard but acknowledges he can play multiple positions on the court. “ I want perimeter game with penetrating guards that kick to their bigs,” Davis said. I want to play the game of basketball the right way.”

He’ll get that chance in the fall of 2006. Where he’ll do it is up in the air for now.

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