DEMAREE: Football practice revelations

One of the more interesting things of this spring practice has been the surprises and or revelations that have occurred. Here's a chronology of those occurrences.

One of the more interesting things of this spring practice has been the surprises and or revelations that have occurred. Here’s a chronology of those occurrences.

* Practice #1: From day one, it was evident that quarterback Andre was the man that would lead this team to whatever destiny. His velocity, his accuracy, and his vision were uncanny. Since, his leadership skills have come exponentially – Bo Smith ran step for step with John Logan….ummm impressive given the speed of Logan. Upon further investigation, we find that Smith ran a 4.37 on Pro Day.

  • Practice #2:  From day one through day two, John Logan gives hope that maybe his speed won’t be wasted after all. He is starting to make the difficult catch, though he needs more consistency – Defensive coordinator Mike Archer said, “Johnny Williams has got to be a player for us. He has a lot of ability.” Since then, he has carried out Archer’s wishes.
  • Practice #3: Redshirt freshman cornerback Jarrell Williams intercepts Woodson. At a much later practice session, I made a comment to one of my cohorts, Number #30 (Williams) keeps popping up in my line of vision.
  • Practice #5: It was revealed that Lamar Mills was the most improved player on the team. When three offensive linemen were ask who was the most impressive defensive player, all of them, without hesitation said Lamar Mills – “I’ve seen some good things from the offensive line,” Coach Brooks said. At a later date Offensive Coordinator Joker Phillips said, “ the offensive line is the most improved unit on the team.”
  • Practice #6: Greyshirt cornerback Trevard Lindley is showing some good instincts in his ability to break on the ball.
  • Practice #7: After Jeremiah Drobney having missed three practice’s with a minor injury, and in his absence Jacob Tamme being highly impressive, Drobney came back in a Saturday scrimmage and played the best we have ever seen from him.
  • Practice #8: After that April 9 scrimmage, coach Brooks was ask, that after watching the films, what he had gleaned. He said walkon offensive tackle Patrick Daly 6-foot-6, 300-pounds from Marietta, Georgia had shown some good things – Brooks said looks like defensive end Dominique Lewis has got a chance. To that end, one day at practice, one of my five senses transmitted sound waves of a conversation that was funning about Lewis not have a home on the team. Meaning that he wasn’t any good. We reminded them of a former lineman that came to UK at about 230-pounds and tried at several different positions on both sides of the ball. He finally settled on offensive guard. That player was Dermontti Dawson who went on to play 13 years in the NFL – Dicky Lyons has not been catching the ball well according to coach Brooks.
  • Practice #10: Lyon picks it up and stands out the Saturdays scrimmage – Muhammad “Mojo” Abdullah says Jacob Tamme has deceptive speed – Coach Brooks said deaf linebacker Terry Clayton has taken advantage of his opportunity and can be counted on for some snaps. This was after he had taken an interception for a 60-yard touchdown.
  • Practice #11: One day after Jon Sumrall’s announcement, redshirt freshman linebacker has Ben McGrath 6-foot-2 245-pounds had two interception off Joe Joe Brown, and a pass breakup off David Hamilton – defensive end Travis Day starts to show up.           

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