VAUGHT: Brooks not being subtle in practices

"You can't play if you don't know where to go," Brooks yelled at receiver John Logan when he didn't run the correct pass route.

Kentucky had a lot more problems at today's practice than coach Rich Brooks wanted.

First, two players -- starting offensive tackle Aaron Miller and backup quarterback Joe Joe Brown -- missed practice because of academic issues. Brown not only won't play in Saturday's Blue-White Game, but he won't be allowed to even participate in team meetings. Miller said last week he would "hopefully" be back next year if his academic work stayed in order.

Second, Kentucky's offense that looked so good in Saturday's scrimmage looked more like the inept offense the Cats had last year. Missed passes, bad throws and blown blocking assignments made it easy for the defense to dominate most of the practice and earn a rest at the end while the offensive players ran wind sprints.

"They came out Saturday and ran up and down the field and the defense was embarrassed. The defense came out, got mad and wanted to do something about it. The offense accepted it for a while and then we got in the huddle, talked to them and they competed," Brooks said.

The offense did respond when Brooks abandoned the pass and went to the running game at the end of practice. Rafael Little and Alexis Bwenge both scored.

"This team has to compete," Brooks said. "This team has to learn that things will not go right all the time and you just can't accept it when they don't. They finally responded and we at least got something out of it at the end of that brief scrimmage."

No one could accuse Brooks of not being heard during the practice. The coaches seem to have turned up the intensity in recent workouts and Brooks was not overly tolerant of mistakes.

"You can't play if you don't know where to go," Brooks yelled at receiver John Logan when he didn't run the correct pass route.

"You had a first down, or maybe a touchdown. Instead, the defense got the ball because you can't catch," Brooks told receiver Dicky Lyons after he dropped a pass that turned into an interception.

Quarterback Andre Woodson was not sharp with his passing or decision making like he had been in previous workouts.

"Get rid of the ball. We are on the 31 (yard line) and you take a sack and now we've got to punt. We don't have a chance to score (on a field goal). Dump the ball to a back so we at least have a shot at the field goal," Brooks sternly told Woodson after he was sacked.

Kentucky ends spring practice Satuday with the Blue-White Game at 1 p.m.

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