TIREY: Bob Hill analyzes Azubuike, Hayes for NBA

Former Fordham and NBA head coach Bob Hill knows college talent and knows NBA talent. While Hill discussed his former recruit, Lukasz Obrzut at Kentucky, he also took time to talk about former Kentucky players Chuck Hayes and Kelenna Azubuike and their chances in the NBA.

Lukasz Obrzut is "on the right track," according to Coach Hill. Hill noted that sometimes it takes a full college career to really "get it". "Sometimes it takes guys four years," said Hill. "And that's OK. Everybody wants instant gratification today, but professional basketball is hard. It's really, really hard. And you better be ready when you decide to go, or you're going to pay a dear price."

And since Obrzut has two more years to play at Kentucky, Hill believes he is in fine shape for the NBA. Hill was not as enamored with the decision of Kelenna Azubuike to sign with an agent and go pro, bypassing his senior year, however. "It is my hope that Kelenna is humbled by the responsibilities and the work that he is going to have in front of him. I'm a big fan of his. I personally thought if he could have had a really big summer, then came back to Kentucky, he could have been a lottery pick. He's not there yet. He can get there…he's got work to do. It's just a different game. There's just so many things, little things, that they have to learn, that are so important. He's got the talent…I'm rooting for him. He may have to take the long route to get there, but eventually…"

Chuck Hayes' chances of making the league are different, according to Hill. "I think Chuck Hayes, on the other hand, could be the shock of the draft. He goes to Portsmouth, he's MVP… Now that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee, to be really honest with you. But his teams just don't lose. There's a reason why this guy is a good player. You don't see all of it on the floor. My friends that are player personnel directors originally said they didn't think he would get drafted. But I've been to practice and I've watched him guard, so he's starting to prove it. I think he could be a shock. He's such a great person."

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